[Infographic] 16 Rooting Tools For Android Devices

If you wanna get the best of Android then you should root it. Therefore you can do much more things in your device if you have root access. Firstly you can get rid of those pre-installed apps which can be annoying sometimes and slow down your phone. Rooting an Android device can be very easy but in some cases it might be impossible because there is no way how to do it.

Since the OEMs don’t want you to root your phone, they don’t release a specific guide how to get root on any device. So we need to rely on developers that finds several ways to root Android by flashing files or when it’s possible with an one-click root tool.

This can be the easiest way but you have to find the proper tool that supports your device and the Android version it is running. To make things easier for you we have collected the best tools and software you can find around and bring them in one article so you can easily find the best one that will root your device.

16 rooting tools for android


1 – GingerBreak

GingerBreak is an exploit found on Android GingerBread. A Developer at the XDA created an app that runs the exploit and it attempts to attain root access. If it succeeds the exploit remounts/system as read-write and runs the installed script. Then the installer script attempts to install SU binary and Superuser apk and reboots the phone. Learn more about GingerBreak by visiting the offical thread.

2 – KingoRoot Universal Root Tool

KingoRoot is a great tool for rooting Android devices. It supports a huge number of devices and almost every Android version. Before trying to root your device make sure to read carefully how to properly use KingoRoot.

3 – Root Genius

Root Genius is a one click root tool for Android KitKat. Its latest version supports more than 10 000 devices. It doesn’t require any special installation on your PC. Just run it when your phone is connected. Remember check first a full guide how to root with Root Genius before trying to use it.

4 – SRS Root

The latest version of SRS Root supports only the latest smartphones devices and it’s compatible with Android versions starting from 1.5 to 4.2. SRS root apk is not available yet but there is SRS root for windows.

5 – Vroot

Vroot is developed by a chinese developer but there is also an English version. Its latest version supports more than 8000 devices and it’s compatible mostly with the newest versions of Android. It’s a windows based tool so you will need a PC to root your device using Vroot. Click here to learn more about Vroot.

6 – Universal AndRoot

Universal AndRoot is an application made for Android. It will root various devices and uses it’s own exploit. All you have to do is to download and install this app on your device and then follow the on screen instructions to root it. Go here to learn more.

7 – Unlock Root Software

Unlock Root application is another great app made for rooting Android. It supports various devices but especially Samsung devices. Simply download and install it on your PC and then follow the instructions.

8 – Oneclickroot.com

This is a very popular root method. It supports a huge number of devices. Simply go to the official site www.oneclickroot.com and download the app. Follow the screen instructions and in a few steps your phone will be rooted.

9 – RootX

If you are using a chinese brand smartphone or tablet that is not very popular and you wanna root it then RootX is the best tool for doing it at no cost. It supports more than 15 000 devices and it’s very handy to use. Visit the official XDA thread to learn more about it.

10 – Framaroot

Framaroot is a one-click rooting tool that can be installed directly on your device with no need of a computer. With a couple of root exploits attached with the app, you can easily root your device in no time. Framaroot has also a feature that allows you to unroot your phone back. Download Framaroot.

11 – Bin4ry root tool

Bin4ry root tool is an universal tool for all devices running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It has been released by a XDA Member named Bin4ary. Here is a full guide how to properly use it.

12 – CF Auto Root

CF Autoroot is a rooting mechanism for stock ROMs and it’s very useful for those who wanna keep their device as close to stock as possible. You just have to find a port of CF-Auto Root for your device and flashing it.

13 – iRoot tool

iRoot is another root tool which supports especially Android KitKat devices including some non-popular mediatek devices. It requires a PC to be installed and always make sure to download the latest version of the app because it’s updated to support more and more devices. Get iRoot tool here.

14 – Towelroot

Towelroot is a great tool for rooting Android 4.4+ device. It is created by a XDA developer and supports almost every Android KitKat devices. Unfortunately if you have updated your phone the exploit might be patched and you might not be able to use this tool however give it a try. It doesn’t need to be installed anywhere, just download Towelroot and start rooting your device.

15 – Mashup Root Tool

Mashup Root Tool is a combination of the most popular one click root tools such as KingoRoot, Framaroot and Towelroot. Therefore it supports a huge number of devices including both Meadiatek and Qualcomm. It’s very easy to use with a friendly user interface like a batch file. Here is a full guide how to root any Android using Mashup rooting tool.

16 – King Root

King Root is made to root Android Lollipop devices. It supports a huge number of devices that has been updated to Lollipop and it’s very easy to use with a simple user interface.Visit King Root official site to learn more about it.

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