4 Awesome Accessories That Help You Get More Out Of Your Smartphone

Smartphones have come to the point where they can do just about anything. The software inside some of the latest phones is quite astounding. However, you can take your phone to another level if you buy some awesome accessories. I’ve got four of the best ones listed below, feel free to have a read and try any out!

Attachable Camera Lens

If you’re into photography, then this accessory is a must for you. We all know that smartphone cameras have improved dramatically in the last few years. However, they’re still not as good as DSLR cameras, particularly when it comes to getting high-quality long shots.


Now, you can get an attachable camera lens to transform your smartphone into a professional camera. You’ll take the highest quality shots and can post them straight to Instagram to wow your followers. These accessories are easy to attach and cheaper than buying a proper camera too.

Credit Card Reader

A credit card reader is a great little business accessory for your phone. You can get these in varying shapes and sizes, but they tend to be fairly small regardless of the brand your purchase. What they allow you to do is make credit card processing much easier by accepting payments through your phone.

People just insert or swipe their card in the accessory and the payment is made via your phone. It’s a brilliant way to get more out of your phone if you run a business and need to accept customer payments.

Smartphone Printer

How many times have you wanted to print something out via your phone? These days, most printers have wireless capabilities making this much easier for you to accomplish. However, what happens when you aren’t near your printer? What on earth will you do now?

Well, with a portable smartphone printer you can print out photos on the go. It fits perfectly into your bag, and you can have instant photos when you capture memorable moments. In fact, you could even use smartphone printers to print out small documents or business cards too! It’s a great accessory if you want quick photo prints or are in desperate need of printing anything out.


Portable Power Bank

Most people in the modern world will suffer from serious low battery syndrome. This is where your phone runs out of battery while you’re out and about, meaning you can’t use it. Even though you can increase your battery lifetime by killing apps running on background, using power saving features, still it won’t be enough.

There are no wall sockets nearby that you can plug your charger into, so, you have to make do with zero percent until you get home. That’s where this accessory comes into play and helps you get more out of your smartphone. A portable power bank allows you to charge your phone when there are no sockets nearby. It means you can use it for longer without worrying about losing power.

These accessories can help you get more out of your phone in both personal and business areas. So, if you want to have the smartest smartphone around, I suggest you give a few of these a try.

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