Top Best Custom ROMs For Lenovo A5000

Have you been looking around to find a Custom ROM for your Lenovo A5000?

Do you want it to be pretty stable and with plethora of features? Go ahead and read below.

In this article we are going to talk about the best Custom ROMs for Lenovo A5000. Furthermore we will provide also the links where you can download them.

Sometimes it’s better to install a Custom ROM rather than using the official firmware. They are much more faster and with plenty of features and options allowing you to customize your phone more in depth.

If you haven’t installed a Custom ROM before, you need to know that root access is required. Since you are looking for a Custom ROM probably you have rooted your phone. But if you haven’t done yet you can follow this guide to root Lenovo A5000.

Once you get root access you must install also a custom recovery such as TWRP or CWM. You need it to flash the ROM. Here is how to install TWRP Recovery on Lenovo A5000. Once you get root access and installed a custom recovery go and find your favourite ROM from the list of the best Custom ROMs for Lenovo A5000

CyanogenMod 13

CyanogenMod is the most popular custom ROM for Android devices. It is developed as a free and open source operating system based on the official releases of Android by Google. The main purpose of the ROM is to increase performance and reliability over the official firmware.


CyanogenMod 13 is based on Android Marshmallow. The ROM has been tested and it seems to be pretty stable expect few things that don’t work.

For now only GPS and Bluetooth are not working. Everything else is stable so if you don’t mind this problems you may consider this ROM as your daily driver, or at least you can flash it to get a feeling of Android Marshmallow.

CyanogenMod 12.1

The ROM is super smooth and the HD games run perfectly without crashes. It brings stability improvements and doesn’t contain any spyware or bloatware.

To install CyanogenMod on Lenovo A5000 you need to flash it from KitKat. If you have updated your phone to Lollipop, you need to revert back to KitKat, root it, install a custom recovery and then flash the ROM.cyanogenmod-12-1-for-lenovo-a5000

Also you need to flash the correct baseband version too. Download it here.

Resurrection Remix 5.5.9 v2

As the name says, it is a “remix” of the best feature found in CyanogenMod, OMNI, AOKP, ParanoidAndroid and the original Resurrection build. Resurrection Remix ROM is a package with plethora of features, customization and furthermore it is a pleasant amalgamation of performance.


The developer has tested the ROM and it runs pretty smooth. It is easy to use and the few bugs that were reported are fixed now. Resurrection Remix 5.5.9 v2 for Lenovo A5000 is very stable. So if you want to make a change to your device consider this ROM as your daily driver.

Download Resurrection Remix 5.5.9 V2

R-Remix v5.6.7

This ROM runs very smooth and stable. They have tested the ROM and everything seems to work perfect except the camera and GPS. However we have fixed the camera problem. You simply have to flash this zip file.



AICP (Android Ice Cold Project) ROM

The only bug found on this ROM is GPS that is partially working. May be some other bugs that might not be noticeable. Besides these, everything else is working perfect and you may consider this ROM as a daily driver if you like its design.



OctOs 5.1.1

Team OctOS is an Android Open-Source Project utilizing AOSP and CyanogenMod code bases. The ROM allows users to customize the device to the level of their desire.


OctOS 5.1.1 is super smooth and everything works fine. We recommend to use it as a daily driver because everything works perfect.



ROM Info:

  • Android version 4.4.x
  • ROM State: Stable
  • ROM Version:

You don’t need to flash gapps because they are built in, and also you can get root by flashing SuperSU flashable zip file. You may want to look a review of this ROM on YouTube.



This is the collection of the best ROMs for Lenovo A5000. If you have any other favorite ROM share with us in the comment section below.


  1. Resurrection Remix at times can be rubbish. Any installation of new programs or themes will result in ‘Unfortunately settings has stopped’ issue.

  2. Bro any noguat bugless stable full working rom for Lenovo a5000 please update in r-remix please all r-remix working fine but camera can’t open fix it pls….

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