Full List: The Best Google Gravity Tricks

Why don’t you try something exciting the next time you use Google to make a search for the best movies or the newly released songs? Instead of trying the same old way of Google search every day, you can tweak it a bit and have a different search engine experience.

Here we will share with you the best Google Gravity tricks for an astonish search experience. But before going into the full list of Google Gravity tricks you can try out today and that will definitely amaze you, probably, you should know what this exciting thing is?

What is Google Gravity

Google gravity is a feature announced back in 2009 but even today so many people use it. Basically, it’s a javascript-based search engine trick that makes Google search more fun, exciting and kind of a puzzle. A Google Gravity is when all the web pages and the content of a page fall down or turn upside down due to the gravitational pull.

They will act quite differently, in a weird way. There are various tricks you can try just for your entertainment or to make some fun with any person by making Google search kind of puzzle. It can confuse quite easily any person and you may have a good laugh when your grandma tries to search for her favourite dish recipe.

The full list of best Google Gravity tricks and techniques

1 – Google Zero Gravity

Google zero gravity trick

Zero Gravity by Google is an interesting search feature. All the pieces of content will overturn. This does not include the text but also it applies to images and everything else on the web page. Also, when you type a sentence or a single word it will show in a reverse order. To check out and enjoy Google Zero Gravity trick visit this link or go to google.com and type “google gravity” on the search bar and instead of clicking search click on “I’m feeling lucky”. It will open Google zero gravity and you can play a bit with it. You can even move the pieces of the page using your mouse.

2 – Google Gravity Underwater

Google Gravity Underwater

Google Gravity Underwater, as you can guess from the name is a Google Gravity trick with a beautiful underwater background filled with different water creatures like fish and sharks. Also, you will see all the Google search page elements floating together with the water species. You can easily experience the Google Gravity underwater trick by visiting this link.

3 – Google Gravity Guitar

Google Gravity Guitar

Here is a gravity trick for all the guitar and music lovers. It allows you to play the guitar on the search engine page. What’s interesting about this: you can play various famous melodies such as Happy Birthday, Harry Potter, Forest Gump and so on. You don’t have to be a professional guitar player for it because Google will provide the notes for every each of the melodies. Check out the Google Gravity Guitar.

4 – Google Space

Google Gravity Space

Google Gravity space is another awesome trick you can start playing right now. All the web page contents will be floating without any gravitational force. The pieces of the content such as text and images will be floating like astronauts do when they are in the outer space. When you search something the results will be also floating as if it’s not any gravity pull. Here is the link to check out Google Gravity Space.

5 – Google Gravity Sphere

Google Gravity Sphere

Google Gravity Sphere will move the content of the web page in a circular way. It happens when you hover the mouse over the page. Frankly, it’s quite difficult to search because the links shown on the search page will be spinning around along with the mouse. It makes it pretty difficult to click on the right link. However, you can give it a try if you click here.

6 – Google Tilt

Google Tilt

This isn’t as interesting as the previous Google Gravity tricks. It will simply show the search result in a tilted manner. To check out this trick all you need to do is to type the word “tilt” on Google search page. You will be able to see the web page quite different from the normal search result page.

7 – Google Barrel Roll

Google Barrel Roll

Here is another interesting feature by Google. Write on Google’s search bar “do a barrel roll” and it will make a quick 360 degree to the web page. This technique is quite different from the other Google Gravity techniques because it is quite spontaneous and happens every time you type the phrase on the search bar. Go and check it out.

8 – Google Flat Fall

Google Gravity Flat Fall

This is similar to “Google Zero Gravity”. All the web page elements will fall down but with a little bounce. Then all the text and images will fall down as if there is any gravitational force which will keep the elements at the bottom of the screen and every time you move them using your mouse they will still fall on the ground. Check Google Flat Fall.

9 – Google Gravity Mirror

Google Mirror

This Google Gravity Trick probably is the most interesting. It will apply the mirror effect to the web page and the search results. All the content will be displayed inverted and this can be a bit complicated to find the right text but it seems to be quite fun. No doubt, this feature is cool and you should try it by clicking on this link.

10 – Zerg Rush

Google Gravity Zerg Rush

This is another interesting concept of Google Gravity. It has taken the name from the popular video game “Zerg Rush”. It will make the given search results disappear one after the other along with the falling zeros. To check out this awesome trick head over to Google and type”Zerg Rush” into the search bar and you will experience this cool trick.

11 – Google Chuck Norris Trick

Google Chuck Norris trick

Google has a good sense of humour. This trick will amaze you you will find it interesting at the same time. The result of the Google search page will make your day. Click here to check Google Chuck Norris trick.

12 – Google Terminal

Google Terminal

Google Terminal will bring back the feeling of MS-Dos. It is an interesting Google trick and it won’t require you to use the mouse. It is the keyword pressed letter which easily works here. You can give Google Terminal a try from this link.

13 – Google Pacman

Pacman is considered as one of the most exciting and funny games since from the beginning of the gaming industry. If you missed playing Pacman then Google brings it back to you. The concept of Google Pacman game is the same as the real game. You act like the Pacman who has to eat the balls present within the line and protect yourself from being caught by the monsters. Click here.

14 – Google Snake Game

Google Snake Game

You have played the famous snake game before but this one is definitely the best game you will ever play. The concept of the game is the same as the Nokia’s snake game. The snake has to eat all the given food. The more it consumes the larger it becomes. Play Google Snake Game from this link.

15 – Google Easter Egg

Google Super Mario Bros

I’m pretty sure you have heard the popular game Super Mario Bros. The game has crossed its thirties so as a tribute to the game Google has made this trick. Head over to Google search and type Super Mario Brosinton the search field. In the results page, you will see the characteristic iconic brick along with a question mark. When you click the brick you will get 200 points. There is a rumour that it would ring 1 up if you click it many times. Give it a try by visiting the link: https://goo.gl/pmX2Zr

16 – Google Recursion

Google Recursion

This is quite funny and strange because when you search for the term “Recursion” using the correct spelling, Google will ask you: “Did you mean: recursion”. So go to Google and check it out.

17 – Weenie Google

Weenie Google

This is another Google gravity trick. Each of the contents of the search page result is converted into a tiny price. This is a third-party Google Gravity technique and it’s not associated to the Google Trademark. Link.

18 – Google Loco

Loco is another Google Gravity Trick where the whole web page falls down like the earthquake. Since it’s a Google Gravity trick there is the presence of the pull force that makes all the pieces of the web page fall down. It is similar to Google 0 gravity. Check the given link to try this feature by yourself: http://googleloco.net/

19 – Google Rainbow

Google Rainbow

This Google trick is a bit different from the others. It will make you enjoy something which is quite colour compared to the other usual Google search. To try Google rainbow which will make the Google Search colourful you need to click the given link.

20 – Search for “the number of horns on a unicorn”

Google tricks

Head over to Google Search page and type “the number of horns in the unicorn”. Everybody knows the answer but Google will show it in a unique way. Go and try it by yourself.

21 – April Fool’s Joke

We already know that Google likes to Play pranks but on Aprils Fools day it makes it epic. Each year you will find different April fool pranks and jokes on the search engine.

22 – Google Epic

Google Epic Search

Is this any of those days when you simply feel epic? If yes, then why not do an Epic Google search. Epic Google let’s you to perform an Epic search and instead of feeling lucky you’re feeling excessive. The search engine will make the function and will show the results.  It’s a bit fun do an epic search and feel excessive. Link.

23 – Google Funny Search

Google Funny Search

Do you like doing pranks to your friends? Here is another cool idea for you next prank. This Google trick will make the search experience quite fun as the name says. It’s similar to the usual Google search engine main page but with a window underneath called “Set another name”. Enter a new word into the box and it will replace the Google logo. Check it here.

24 – Number 42

Number 42 Google

This is a very impressive Google try. When you go to google search page and type “The life the universe and everything” and press the enter button to search, Google will show you its answer in the form of a number i.e 42. You may wonder why this number because it’s something that no one expects to get this kind of answers from Google search. The answer goes really deep and I don’t want to go further with the arguments. If you haven’t heard about the movie or the book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” it’s time to search for it if you want to know the answer and everything related to it.

25 – Google Doodles

Google Doodles

Goog to the search page but don’t write anything in the search bar. Click on “I’m feeling lucky” with the empty search bar. Logically, it should not do anything when the search bar is empty but instead, it will take you to Google Doodles page. Go and try by yourself.

26 – Google Energy Saving

Google Energy saving

This feature is supposed to save the consumption of energy by the screen of your device. You may know that bright screen consumes more energy than the dark screen. So this trick shows you a black screen to lessen the energy consumption. Write on Google search “Google EnergySaving” and click “I’m feeling lucky ” to see the result.

27 – Ninja Google

Ninja Google

Do you love Ninja? Google loves Ninja. It has programmed a Ninja version. Just go to the search engine and type “Ninja Google” and click on “I’m feeling lucky” and you will see the Google Ninja.



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