Download Galaxy S8 Keyboard APK

Galaxy S8 apps

Here you can download the Galaxy S8 keyboard app apk and install it on other Samsung devices. Galaxy S8 is the hottest device of the moment and this is not because it the latest phone of the Samsung’s S line. It comes with a redesigned body and also the TouchWiz firmware is improved along with the Samsungs apps. In this …

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Download Galaxy S8 Weather Widget for Other Android Devices

Galaxy S8 weather widget

In this article, we will walk through all the steps you need to go to install Galaxy S8 weather widget on other Samsung devices. Since it isn’t and apk file, we have compiled a quick and simple guide how to install it. Galaxy S8 is the hottest device at the moment. It comes with a plethora of improvements in both …

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Download Galaxy S8 System Dump & Install Its Apps On Other Phones

Galaxy S8 Apps

After Galaxy S8 is released worldwide, developers who have already got one into their hands have released its system dump. The file you will find below is ported directly from the Galaxy S8 and it contains all its apps. It includes all apps, priv-app and media folders. Some of the apps are tested on other Samsung devices and they work …

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[APK] Download Samsung’s Hello Bixby Personal Assistant

Hello Bixby

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. They come with a plethora of features and optimisations, both in hardware and software. Samsung also launched its own artificial intelligence named Hello Bixby. It is a personal assistant very similar to Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri. In this article, you will download Hello Bixby apk file and install …

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Download Galaxy S8 Launcher APK For Every TouchWiz Firmware

Galaxy S8 Launcher

Get a glimpse of Galaxy S8 on your old Android device by installing its launcher. It will give you a feeling of the latest Samsung flagship device. Galaxy S8 normally comes with features and optimisation over its predecessor both in hardware and software. It is equipped with 4 GB RAM, Snapdragon 835 processor, a 12-megapixel camera and other specs that …

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Download Galaxy S8 Music App [APK]

Galaxy S8 Music App

Less than a month to go until Samsung unveils the new Galaxy S8. As any brand new device, it will bring a plethora of features and the apps will be also improved. Even thought the new beast in the Samsung’s S Line isn’t released yet, you can taste a few of its apps. We come across the Galaxy S8 Music …

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Download Lineage 14.1 OS GAPPS (Google Apps) Android Nougat

Lineage OS Gapps

Download Google Apps (GAPPS) for Lineage OS Android Nougat. Ever since CyanogenMod announced its retirement, Lineage OS has become the most popular Custom ROM to provide Custom ROM based on Stock on Android but with plenty of customizations for a better performance. Android OS is developed and maintained by Google and hence it delivers all the Google apps such as …

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Five Ways to Keep Your Mobile App Development Costs Down

You would agree that the idea behind launching a mobile app is to target a wider audience which could help in generating greater revenue. But, if you do not plan properly or do not execute the development process appropriately, the costs could become pretty high. And, it would then not matter whether you do the development in-house or get it …

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Download ADB/Fastboot With Graphical User Interface

If you want to customize your Android device more than simply installing few apps than even my 5 years old brother can do, the first step is to learn what root is. If you are a newbie then I recommend you have a look at these Android root terms to understand it better. Do you want to go deeper? Then …

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How to Record Audio Playing on Mac Computer


It’s just Apple and the way they are. Their computers don’t allow you to record the computer audio with any of the built-in apps. I’m pretty sure you have found yourself in a such situation. Your computer is playing an audio and you want to record it but the app you are using doesn’t allow you to do that. While …

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