Download Sony Walkman APK For Galaxy S3

walkman app Galaxy S3

The famous Sony music player, WALKMAN is ported to Galaxy S3. The latest version of the app brings the Material Design look and many other features that will make it your favourite music player. Sony WALKMAN is updated and it allows users to connect it with Android Wear and view songs within their synchronised playlist and start playback from any song …

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Downlod Galaxy S6 AccuWeather Widget & Home Launcher

Who’s getting excited about the brand new Galaxy S6. It is really a good device, probably the best of the moment. It does not have only the best specs but also the software is improved so much to bring a better user experience. Galaxy S6 brings tons of features to make our life easier. It is an awesome smartphone but not …

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Download & Install Galaxy S6 App Icons

Galaxy S6 app icons ported to other devices

Are you a Samsung freak who like to try the latest features announced by the Korean tech giant. Are you excited about the Galaxy S6. Do you want to make your old Android phone look like the brand new Galaxy S6. The first thing you have to do is to customise your home screen and make it look the Galaxy …

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Download Galaxy S5 Lollipop Dialer & Contacts On Galaxy S3 KitKat

S5 Lollipop Dialer and Contacts ported to Galaxy S3

As usually in my daily researches on the Android community I found something that worth sharing. Galaxy S5 Lollipop Dialer app and Contacts are ported to Galaxy S3 KitKat ROMs. The developer who posted these apps named as “Costin Ramon” says that the apps are compatible only for KitKat ROMs. If you have already updated your Galaxy S3 to Android …

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Download Facebook Hello APK (Dialer App, Caller ID)

Facebook hello dialer app apk

Facebook has introduced his a second app in the world of communication. After the huge success of Messenger, Samsung intention now is to dominate the world with the Hello app. It is a dialer app that allow you to make and revive calls. It can also replace the stock dialer app. But why Facebook Hello can be considered as a …

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Download & Install Galaxy S6 S Health App

Ported Galaxy S6 S Health App

Download another glimpse of Galaxy S6 on your Android phone. Today I’m gonna share with you another ported app of Galaxy S6, the S Health app. It is ported directly from Galaxy S6 and its available to download right away. Previously we have seen the Galaxy S6 Keyboard app ported to other Samsung Galaxy devices running a Lollipop ROM. S6 Launcher …

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Download & Install Google Apps (Gapps) On Android 5.1 Lollipop ROMs

Google Apps for Lollipop 5.1 ROMs

A new Android Lollipop update is already released with many improvements and bug fixes. I am talking about Lollipop 5.1 which already landed on a few devices. It comes with many improvements in both user interface and system options. Android 5.1 comes with a few changes of UI. Some parts of Material Design has already changed to bring us a …

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Install Mod Ultra Stamina Mode (Added WhatsApp, Chrome, WiFi and More)

Mod Stamina Mode with new apps suported

As I was doing my dayliy research around the Android community to find what’s new, I discovered something that really worth sharing. A developer at the XDA forum named as androidexpert35 has customised Stamina Mode and brings a mod version with a few extra apps and other options included on it. Stamina Mode is a battery saver feature presented by Sony on the …

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Download Galaxy S6 Keyboard APK On Any Android Device

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is such a popular device. More and more people are purchasing it but there are also plenty of other people who don’t really like to buy it but instead try its app on other Galaxy devices. In this post, you will find a link to download Galaxy S6 Keyboard apk and how to install it. Galaxy …

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Install The HTC One M9 Keyboard App (Download apk)

Are you a fan of sense 7 presented on the HTC One M9. Would you like to download and enjoy the HTC One M9 keyboard app on your phone. It is improved for better performance and brings tons of optimisations to make your life easier. HTC has done a good job with the Sense 7 since the new HTC One …

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