How To Simplify Your Business With Phone GPS Technology

GPS Tracker

Global Position System (GPS) technology has a wide range of benefits for business owners. The technology is particularly useful to companies that have mobile employees. Understanding how the technology works, and how you could use it to manage your business will give you an edge over competitors. Here are some of the ways in which using GPS will benefit your …

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Drones: Useful Gadget or Toy


Drones are a gadget that has taken the world by storm. Originally created to be used in conflict zones to save on casualties, drones have become a popular technological gadget for tech lovers of all ages. Since being released to the public a few years ago, drones have become one of the most popular gadgets on the market. Nowadays you …

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Why You Should Use a Personal VPN on a Daily Basis


Personal VPN is one of those technologies which is gaining more and more popularity and importance from day to day. Generally, VPN was designed to get a secure connection for business purposes mainly. Now, the role of VPNs has changed a lot. They are generally used to protect data, which is sent through the Internet. VPN services have become more …

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Why Every Parent Should Use a Spy App To Monitor Children

mSpy app

The hardest thing being a parent these days is to keep the children on the right track. There are endless of possibilities your children can be cheated online, so keeping an eye what they do on their phones is a smart way. Today’s teens use technology more than ever and the use of the internet is growing rapidly. Many teens have cell …

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The Smartphone Evolution And The Rapid Growth of Accesories Industry

tech tools modern business

It is no secret, the writers and editors here at DoryLabs are huge fans of gadgets. From computers to smartphones, we are always on the lookout for the newest and most innovative tools to make our lives a little more easier. The Smartphone Arms Race Smartphones are one area that has been steadily progressing over the years. From the original …

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The Little Fox – The Cutest Android Game [Download APK]

The little fox 1

When you see a game called The Little Fox, you’ve probably already figured out that it won’t be some action-packed war game where you shoot and blow up everything in sight, but rather a cute and fun game involving a small fox in some way. This is exactly what this Android game is. But while it’s arguably the cutest game …

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How To Choose Studio Monitors Based On Your Room Size

home monitor studios

Are you looking for a new set of studio monitors but you don’t know how to choose the best one? This is a common scenario of many people. If your daily work has nothing to do with speakers and anything related to them then you may not know a lot of information about them. There are different types of studio monitors …

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Before Buying Expensive Headphones Make Sure You Read This:

headphones 1

We do talk about headphones, we talk a lot and the price is the main thing that makes people wondering if these expensive headphones do really justify their price. Starting from a few bucks and going up to a few thousand dollars, the headphones now have become a big business since everyone has a smartphone. There are various possibilities you …

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How to Use an Android Spy App Without Root

xnspy spy app

A large number of people in the world use Android devices and prefer them to iOS devices. The reason for this is that Android devices are more user-friendly and flexible with apps, unlike iOS devices. Somehow, there is a greater need to track Android devices for a number of reasons. Sometimes, employers want to track their employees, and at other …

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Make Sure Your Business App Excels With These Golden Rules

business apps

By now, most business owners should be aware of the advantages of creating an app for their company. Applications of any kind are a great way to entice people into getting to know your business, and it also gives you an opportunity to find out more about them. However, you need to get it right. Developing an app takes time, …

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5 Great Smartphone Accessories To Start Using Today

Bluetooth Speaker

Smartphones can really do it all for us, can’t they? The Deep Blue supercomputer beat Chess superstar Gary Kasparov back in 1997. It could calculate around two hundred separate chessboard positions in a single second and run at a figure of 11.38 GFLOPS. That FLOPS means a floating point operation per second. Well – if you think that’s power, and …

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4 Uses Of The Modern Smartphone For The Entrepreneur

We all know that the smartphone has a great many uses in the modern world, and most people would agree that it is a versatile tool for anyone wanting to get ahead in the world of business too. The truth is, no matter what kind of business you are in, or what your role is, there are many ways in …

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