Tech It With You: Must-Have Gadgets For The Modern Backpacker

modern backpacker

International travel is now more accessible than ever, which has seen a huge increase in extended backpacking trips. When done properly, this can become the greatest experience of your life. But whether you’re alone or with friends, it’s imperative that you take the necessary items with you. Technology can be massively useful on your adventure. From providing entertainment to aiding …

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The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Running A Smart Factory

automate businness

If you run a factory business, there are lots of ways in which you can improve your operation. Today’s workplaces are far more advanced that those you were used to in the past. So, you’ll need to compete if you want to beat rival firms and steal the lion’s share of the market. Most of the changes you need to …

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Get a Feeling Of Old-School Times With These Reborn Retro Gadgets


Old times, great times or maybe not. Do you remember any old-school gadget or you’re not old enough to have seen any of them, I mean not online? My first contact with an old-school gadget was when I visited my father cousin. He was around 50 and had so many old-school gadgets. He was a collectionist and I really liked …

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The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Headphones

headphones 1

We do talk a lot when it comes to choosing the right headphones. Some of them are very cheap around $10, some others are very expensive. They can go up to $500.  But does it really worth to spend so much money for a pair of headphones. In this article, I will talk about the difference between cheap and expensive …

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4 Awesome Accessories That Help You Get More Out Of Your Smartphone


Smartphones have come to the point where they can do just about anything. The software inside some of the latest phones is quite astounding. However, you can take your phone to another level if you buy some awesome accessories. I’ve got four of the best ones listed below, feel free to have a read and try any out! Attachable Camera …

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Essential Software That Every Start-Up Business Needs


With more and more new companies popping up in the past couple of years, it’s become essential to move a lot of the management and productivity into computers. There are many long-term cost saving factors involved, and the chance for human error in paper documents is too much of a risk for growing businesses. If you’re running a local business …

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How to Convert Android Apps to iOS and OSX Apps


  Many developers who want to start a career on app developing primarily put their efforts on iOS because of the lucrative market. For independent developers it’s quite difficult to learn a new programming language to port their apps to other platforms. This can take a long time and it can be too much of investment. For many years this …

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Crucial Digital Steps That Will Make You a 21st Century Business

IT support mobile system

Making your business an attractive modern brand is so important. You have to make customers interested in your company, and come up with ideas to help you be more modern. Take a look at the ideas below, and try to use these digital steps to make you a twenty-first century business. Mobile POS Systems Any efficient and successful company these …

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5 Must Have Smartphone Summer Accessories When Travelling


There is no better time than summer when you can really enjoy being at the beach, lake or poolside. Swimming, drinking cold drinks, playing and then watching the sunset with your lovely friends, what else do you need to have a great time. Maybe you are not the beach guy and wanna spend your time at your favorite campground with …

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5 Hidden Features Of Google Chrome Mobile

swipe between tabs chrome mobile

Hello Droiders! Today we gonna share 5 killer features of Google Chrome for mobile. Check the list below: 1 – Swipe through tabs Google Chrome has a tab set by default. If you open a new tab it will show on the Recent app section so to switch between tabs you have to tap on the recent button. So try …

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7 Apps To Transform Your Smartphone Into a Multi-Functional Machine


Hey guys! Here we are back in another article. Today i’m gonna share with you some cool apps that you didn’t know. This apps will transform you smartphone into a multi-tool device. High-end smartphones are being more and more sophisticated and lot of sensors are being added. Developers are taking advantage of these sensors and have created helpful tools to …

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