Top Trending Apps For Android Devices

Feedly App

There are a plethora of applications on the Android market. It’s almost impossible not to find an app that will do everything you ever want. There is an app for every task you want to do. From strange games to cool apps I’m pretty sure you have never thought about all the apps you can download for free on Play …

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The Little Fox – The Cutest Android Game [Download APK]

The little fox 1

When you see a game called The Little Fox, you’ve probably already figured out that it won’t be some action-packed war game where you shoot and blow up everything in sight, but rather a cute and fun game involving a small fox in some way. This is exactly what this Android game is. But while it’s arguably the cutest game …

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The Most Interesting Facts About the Gaming Industry


The games industry is one of the most important in the world. People around the world value the industry and play games every day of their lives. Whether you simply love games or want to work in the industry, here are some facts that might interest you. More Money is Made from Gaming Than from Movies In terms of money …

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Download Angry Birds Blast for PC – Windows and Mac


After the success with Angry Birds, Rovio decided to make other games based on Angry Birds. We have seen several versions of this game such as Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Transformers, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds space etc, being available on Play Store and we have to admit they are pretty cool games. Recently Rovio announced a new game …

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How To Make Lollipop Easter Egg Easy To Play – No Root

make Lollipop Easter egg easy to play

Android Lollipop is a nice game to spend time. Similar to the famous Flappy Bird game, Lollipop Easter egg is an addictive game and you will pass many time playing after you try it for the first time. But don’t you like to make the game easer so you can set a high score that your friends can’t beat it. …

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How To Get Free Lives On Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game where you have to go through an adventure of passing different match-three puzzle levels. At first the game was announced for Facebook and after a great success, the developer released also a mobile app. When it was announced it was a great surprise since in few times it becomes the most popular game …

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TapMe – The Most Addictive Android Tap Game (Download Link)

Have you ever wanted something really crazy to spend time with, trying to beat not only your score, but also can share it with your friends to see how fast you can be when it come to tap a touch screen. Try TapMe the most addictive tap game and you will never stop playing. TapMe is a simple game where …

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Download 2048 Puzzle Game With Night Mode And Full Screen

A new version of the most famous puzzle game 2048 is out. 2048 is a considered as the best puzzle game since it doesn’t require any special permission or internet access. This is totally new version, where the user interface has changed in night mode. It looks perfect and personally I feel more comfortable playing this kind of version than …

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Download New Words With Friends v2.102 apk for Android

New Words With Friends is probably the best informative and social game you can ever play on an Android Smartphone. The best feature of this app is that it allows you to play online with friends. Challenging a friend and playing a words match game can be very fun. You also can ge a chance to improve your vocabulary with …

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