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Fix Galaxy Note4 N910C Bootloop & Invalid IMEI “Network” Problem

Note 4 Bootlooping problem and invalid imei

Many people who own a Galaxy Note 4 and have installed CyanogenMod 13 or another ROM based on Android 6.0 are experiencing a problem when they try to get back to stock Android 5.1.1. If you are suffering as well from the same problem than read further. Have you installed CM13 or any other ROM based on Android 6.0 and …

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How To Fix Screen Resolution Problems On Any Device

Fix Android screen resolution problems

If you are experiencing screen resolution problems than you are in the right place. Usually people get stuck in such issues after they try to lower the screen resolution to increase gaming performance. The results in gaming performance are amazing and it is worthwhile to lower the screen resolution. There are several ways you can do that but there is …

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How To Replace Android System Files Using Android Commander

Android-replace system files Android commander

In today’s article we gonna share a short guide how to easily change Android System files using Android Commander. This guide is thanks to a Retired Moderator at the XDA named as  nir36. If you are a beginner on Android you should go and make some searches before to learn more what a system file is and what can it …

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How To Power a Smartphone Without a Battery

Power the phone without a battery

Do you use your smartphone a lot? Do you like playing games and watching movies while you are home alone? Have you ever been playing and your phone shut downs unexpectedly because of the battery? You couldn’t save the process of the game and this is nasty. I know that feeling when your phone goes dead and you will need …

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[Tutorial] Extract System/Data Files From a FTF (Flash Tool Firmware)

Flash tool firmware

In todays article I am gonna share a great piece of content I have discovered recently. A developer at the XDA community has created a great guide how to extract System/Data files from a Flash Tool (FTF) Firmware on Sony devices. The developer named as linuxct has created a specific guide for Windows, Linux and OSX but here you will find only …

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How To Unlock Xiaomi Mi4c Bootloader Without Unlocking Code

xiaomi-mi4 bootloader unlock

Xiaomi devices are becoming very popular. The number of sales is increased due to the fact they have great specs for an affordable price. Why buying a Samsung, HTC, Sony etc when you can buy a Xiaomi device with the same specs but with the half of the price. Xiaomi Mi4c is a new device released recently by the giant …

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How To Enable / Configure Adoptable Storage On Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

Galaxy S7

Android Marshmallow comes with tons of features and improvements. One of the best one is adoptable storage. It lets you to use the microSD card just like the internal storage. Sounds like a great feature, right! But if you have followed the launch of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge you may have heard that this feature is missing in this …

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Update Galaxy Note 5 SM-920C To Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

Galaxy Note 5 SM-920C Android 6.0.1

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is getting an update of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Firstly the update is available only for Galaxy Note 5 SM-920C variant in Cambodia. This is a good news for all the users worldwide because they are going to enjoy Android Marshmallow soon. But if you are from Cambodia you can install Touchwiz Marshmallow 6.0.1 right away on your …

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[Tutorial] How To Do a Nandroid Backup & Restore It


Backup is an important thing that every Android user should do regularly. Being an open source OS and with a few steps needed to root your phone, you can have the freedom do anything on it. Once you root your device you are open to new possibilities such as installing new ROMs, Mods, Kernels and much more. But not always things …

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How To Install TWRP Custom Recovery On Galaxy E5

Samsung-Galaxy-E5 TWRP Recovery

Have you guys thought that there is no Custom Recovery for Galaxy E5? I thought the same thing as well since this device isn’t so popular but thanks to  jackeagle a Recognized Developer at the XDA you can install TWRP Recovery on your phone. He managed to build a stable recovery and anyone can install it. A Custom Recovery is needed …

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[ROM] Download CyanogenMod 13 For Samsung Galaxy E5 (E500H)

Galaxy E5 CyanogenMod 13

In today’s guide we are going to learn how to install CyanogenMod 13 on Samsung Galaxy E5. This ROM is very popular in the Android community, almost every Android user have heard about it. What makes a Custom ROM good is the fact that it’s optimized for better performance and it’s free of bloats. You can download CyaogenMod 13 on …

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How To Fix LG G3 GPS Issues (Showing Wrong Location)

LG G3 gps issues

LG G3 is one of the best devices LG has ever created. The intro the company made and the specs it has blew people mind and lot of them bought it. But is this device as good as it is supposed to be? Actually it depends on you and what you are looking for. If you like a beautiful phone …

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