How To Fix Galaxy S5 Null IMEI Number Issue

Null IMEI number is a well-known issue on Samsung Galaxy devices. Almost every Galaxy device suffer from this problem but fortunately, there are some tricks you can perform to fix it. Here you will learn how to fix Null IMEI problem on Samsung Galaxy S5 and probably on other Galaxy …

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How To Unlock LG G3 To All Sim Card Carriers

GPS showing wrong places on LG G3

Learn now how to SIM unlock LG G3 and make it work with all sim cards on all over the world. In the USA, unlocking a phone wasn’t allowed for a long time, but now the law has changed and you can unlock your phone and use whatever sim card …

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How To Fix LG G3 Slow Charging Problem

LG G3 slow charging

LG G3 users have reported an issue with their device. They are complaining that the phone doesn’t charge properly. It needs a long time, sometimes a couple of hours to charge completely. This is a bit strange because the LG G3 charger is 1.3A so it should charge the device …

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How To Deactivate & Remove Galaxy S5 Demo Retail Mode

Probably, you have been on shopping malls and have seen all those brand new devices showing their features automatically. This is a software called Retail Mode and it is designed to show all the phone features all the time so the people can watch what the device offers. The software …

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How To Fix Galaxy S5 Insufficient Internal Memory Problem

Galaxy s5 memory full, galaxy s5 storage problems Galaxy S5 owners have reported another problem. It’s kinda weird because when you try to download and install an app from Play Store it will show a pop-up message saying “Insufficient Internal Memory”. Even though you may have enough free space on your …

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How To Fix LG G3 Keyboard Lag

Are you an LG G3 user suffering from a keyboard lag? Are you constantly wondering how it is possible that a device like LG G3 is experiencing such problems? Let me say that you are not the only one who is experiencing a keyboard lag on LG G3. Fortunately, there is …

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Improve Screen Colors & Contrast Quality On LG G3

In Android, there is always room for improvement. No matter how good can be a device, you still can tweak it and make somehow better. In our site you are going to find a plethora of tutorials about LG G3 like this one: Improve LG G3 camera quality or another one …

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How To Remove Carrier Boot Animation On Galaxy S4

Here’s an easy way how to remove any carrier boot animation on Galaxy S4. If you purchased your device with a contract from any carrier then definitely you have to see their logo appear all the time on your phone. This is something normal but if you don’t like to …

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How To Change FingerPrint Scanner Theme (Look) On Galaxy S5

Have you ever thought that you can change fingerprint scanner theme on Samsung Galaxy S5? This is an advantage of being an Android user.You can customize and edit almost everything on your device without any special permission. If you have the right knowledge you can modify pretty easily your phone. …

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