How To Fix Can’t Hear Call Sound On Galaxy S5


In this post, we are going to share some actionable tips how to fix call sound problems on Samsung Galaxy S5. Various people worldwide have reported issues with their device. So if you’re one of them we will help you to fix Galaxy S5 not hearing call sound. Apparently, the …

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How To Convert PNG Images To RLE

This tutorial will teach you how to convert a PNG image to RLE format and make it usable for kernel logos. Android system uses its own graphical image formats. Most of the Android devices use PNG files but there are also a few others that use RLE image as kernel …

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How To Make Sony Xperia Z2 Battery Last Longer

battery life Xperia Z2

In this article, we are going to share some tips and tricks to improve battery life on Sony Xperia Z2. As a result, the phone battery will last longer and also the performance will be increased. We all do need a phone with a better battery lifetime but unfortunately, smartphones …

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How To Fix Dropped Call Problem On Galaxy Note 3

fix dropped call on Galaxy Note

Numerous Galaxy Note 3 users have reported a very strange problem on their devices. They are facing fluctuating signal issues on their phones. It happens even when the device is not moving. Many other reports tell about calls that drop a few seconds after the connection is established. Others have reported call …

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How To Create or Edit An Updater Script In Android

create or edit updater script

In this article, we are going to learn how to create an updater script for Android or edit a script you already have. An updater-script file is simply a text file that contains all the commands which tell the clockworldmod CWM what to do with a zip file. The updater-script …

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How To Enable Root Access On CyanogenMod (CM) File Manager

Here’s a simple guide to help you to enable root access on CyanogenMod file manager. Among a plethora of great features, CyanogenMod ROM comes with a built-in file manager. It has so many options so you may not need a third-party file manager. Also, it comes with root access but …

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How To Copy & Paste On CyanogenMod (CM) File Manager

CyanogenMod File Manager comes with a plethora of features but they may be “hidden” and you need to figure out how to use them. Have you ever wondered if there is a copy-paste feature on CM file manager? Of course, it is… But it’s hidden and you may not find …

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How To Activate LTE On LG G3 Without Root

LTE that stands for Long-Term Evolution is a high-speed wireless for mobile devices and data terminals. It is based on GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA technologies. LTE increases the speed and capacity of the connection using a different radio interface together with other network improvements. LG G3 features an LTE connection but …

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How To Check If Your ROM Is Odexed Or Deodexed

Odex and Deodex are two popular words amongAndroid users, especially developers and those who waste their time flashing ROMs and trying to modify Android firmware. In this article, we are going to share with you what is Odex, Deodex and what implication it brings to an Android user. Also, you …

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How To Use Android Smartphone As A WiFi Repeater

Have you ever thought to use your Android device as a WiFi repeater? It means sharing WiFi from a device that is currently connected to WiFi. We all know how to share WiFi when the phone is using mobile data but in this post, we will learn how to share …

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