How To Set Right Permissions Of Folders, APKs and LIBs On Android

change permissions on Android apk, folder, lib files

  Lollipop brought major changes in Android structure. In KitKat there were not subfolders under system/app and system/priv-app. In KitKat these folders contain only the apk files while now in Lollipop you will find subfolders. They have the same name with the apk files that are located in these folders. Some apk folders also include “lib” and “arm” subfolders. So this is a bit confusing …

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Enable Google Now on Tap On Android Marshmallow

Google Now On Tap fixed

In today’s article we gonna learn how to fix Google Now on Tap that is broken or mission on Android Marshmallow ROMs. This guide works on every Android 6.0 ROM such as CM13, AOSP and so on. This feature is not missing in these ROMs so let’s say it’s broken and it need to be fixed. If you have been …

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5 Hidden Features Of Google Chrome Mobile

swipe between tabs chrome mobile

Hello Droiders! Today we gonna share 5 killer features of Google Chrome for mobile. Check the list below: 1 – Swipe through tabs Google Chrome has a tab set by default. If you open a new tab it will show on the Recent app section so to switch between tabs you have to tap on the recent button. So try …

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Fix Galaxy Note4 N910C Bootloop & Invalid IMEI “Network” Problem

Note 4 Bootlooping problem and invalid imei

Many people who own a Galaxy Note 4 and have installed CyanogenMod 13 or another ROM based on Android 6.0 are experiencing a problem when they try to get back to stock Android 5.1.1. If you are suffering as well from the same problem than read further. Have you installed CM13 or any other ROM based on Android 6.0 and …

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How To Fix Screen Resolution Problems On Any Device

Fix Android screen resolution problems

If you are experiencing screen resolution problems than you are in the right place. Usually people get stuck in such issues after they try to lower the screen resolution to increase gaming performance. The results in gaming performance are amazing and it is worthwhile to lower the screen resolution. There are several ways you can do that but there is …

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[Guide] Improve Galaxy Note 4 Perfomance & Fix CPU Overheating

Note 4 resolution changer

Galaxy Note 4 is a powerful device but when it comes to large apps such as games or even emulators, a 3Ghz processor isn’t enough. Running games like Real Racing 3, XCOM:EW or emulators such as PPSSPP can make the cpu to heat up. Sometimes it can go up 80°C, and this isn’t a good thing. When phone heats up you …

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How To Replace Android System Files Using Android Commander

Android-replace system files Android commander

In today’s article we gonna share a short guide how to easily change Android System files using Android Commander. This guide is thanks to a Retired Moderator at the XDA named as  nir36. If you are a beginner on Android you should go and make some searches before to learn more what a system file is and what can it …

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Isopropyl Alcohol Can Fix a Water Damaged Phone By Bathing In It

Fix water damaged phone

It may happen that your phone can dropped into the water. To prevent it you must be very careful. But what will happen if your phone falls down into the water? Did you throw away your last phone because it dropped into the water and after you dry it, it still doesn’t work? My father did the same thing. He …

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Tips For Building a Killer App For Any Purpose

successful apps

Have you ever thought about designing your own app? This could be a great way to promote your business or it could be a business in its own right. After all the developers of candy crush made millions, so why not you? We know what you’re thinking. Surely to build an app, you need to know about coding, programming and …

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Earphones and Headphones Ultimate Buying Guide

headphone types

If you are looking for new headphones or earphones but you are not sure which one is the best for you than read below. In this article we are going to cover an ultimate guide to choose the best headphones and earphones. There are various models around you can choose from but all of them are different and you are …

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How To Power a Smartphone Without a Battery

Power the phone without a battery

Do you use your smartphone a lot? Do you like playing games and watching movies while you are home alone? Have you ever been playing and your phone shut downs unexpectedly because of the battery? You couldn’t save the process of the game and this is nasty. I know that feeling when your phone goes dead and you will need …

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