7 Tips To Make Better Photos With Your Android Device


Creating quality photographs with a smartphone can be a challenge, due to several limitations. Without the proper equipment or experience, producing great looking photographs can be an uphill battle. This article will help shed some insight into the world of Android photography. People who use android phones can produce quality photographs on par with any professional out in the field. …

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5 Simple Tips to Boost the Speed of a Mac

mac cleaner

Are you worried that your Mac is running too slow and often ‘lags’ or has delays when you launch apps?While there are several reasons why your Mac may be slower than usual, the good news is that there are a few easy ways to help boost its speed. While there are several reasons why your Mac may be slower than …

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Before Buying Expensive Headphones Make Sure You Read This:

headphones 1

We do talk about headphones, we talk a lot and the price is the main thing that makes people wondering if these expensive headphones do really justify their price. Starting from a few bucks and going up to a few thousand dollars, the headphones now have become a big business since everyone has a smartphone. There are various possibilities you …

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5 Practical Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram has emerged as one of the leading social networks, with over 600 million active monthly users. Traditionally used for socialising and sharing purposes only, Instagram has now become a noteworthy platform for digital marketing. Subsequently, Instagram marketing is on the rise.  Marketers prefer Instagram due to the growth and ROI maximisation potential offered. Also, the noiseless and convenient Instagram experience …

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How To Fix No Package Error When Installing Galaxy S8 Apps APK

Galaxy S8 apps

Sometimes when installing third-party apk files, errors can happen. That’s why it’s always recommended to install apps from trusted sources such as Play Store. There are maybe millions of apps available on Play Store but if you want to get the latest apps, ported directly from the system of the new devices, you should get the apk files. Apk files …

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Use Your Computer To Bring Out Your Creative Side

designing computer

Yes, it’s no secret that the computer is capable of some pretty terrific things. Cat videos? Sign us up. Arguing with complete strangers over the artistic merits of Lost, the television show? We’re there. Old school games like solitaire and the like? You know that’s our jam. However, that’s not all that computer technology is used for. There’s also some people …

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Tips To Save Money While Buying The Latest Tech Gadgets

Xiaomi smartphone

Now, you know as well as we do that we’re going to find ourselves spending more than we’d like to on technology. And that’s completely fine because there’s never been more cool stuff to invest in than right now. However, all this technology does come at a cost and, well, there are other things we need to buy too, like rent, …

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How To Deal With Nexus 6P Random Bootloops

nexus 6p

Google Nexus 6P is the successor of the Nexus lineup. With some great specifications at the time of its launch, this device was able to make a name among all the other devices, especially those running the latest version of stock Android. Plenty of people worldwide have purchased this device and for a long time, this device was doing good. …

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Essential Skills For Aspiring Web Developers

Web developer skills

Web developing is a fantastic ability to have. But to master the art of web developing, you need to learn many skills. A professional developer should know how to build websites from scratch. They also need to create sites that are functional on all computer and smartphone browsers. It’s a talent that can quickly develop into a career. If you’re …

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How To Transform Your Device Into a Google Pixel (Get all Pixel Features)


I’m pretty sure you have heard about the brand new smartphones announced recently by Google. Perhaps you have read any article or review talking about the features of Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Maybe you are an Android geek and have already pre-ordered a unit. There are plethora of people who have pre-ordered the brand new Pixel or Pixel XL. …

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How To Fix MediaTek USB Driver Errors


Finding the proper USB drivers for MediaTek devices can be very difficult especially in those cases when the device it’s not a popular brand. You will need the right USB drivers to properly connect your phone to PC. I have had such difficulties, finding the right drivers but since when I learned this trick things changed. In this post we …

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How To Unlock Any Smartphone With a Single Click (PIN, Pattern, etc)

Unlcok every smartphone passwords, pin

It happens to forget the password or the pattern of your phone. I use to forget it a lot, especially because I have so many passwords I have to remember. Locking your phone with a pattern, pin or even face unlock is a must nowadays because someone can take your phone and can check or even steal personal information from …

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