How To Power a Smartphone Without a Battery

Power the phone without a battery

Do you use your smartphone a lot? Do you like playing games and watching movies while you are home alone? Have you ever been playing and your phone shut downs unexpectedly because of the battery? You couldn’t save the process of the game and this is nasty. I know that feeling when your phone goes dead and you will need …

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[Infographic] 16 Rooting Tools For Android Devices

16 Rooting tools Android

If you wanna get the best of Android then you should root it. Therefore you can do much more things in your device if you have root access. Firstly you can get rid of those pre-installed apps which can be annoying sometimes and slow down your phone. Rooting an Android device can be very easy but in some cases it …

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Update Xperia C4 & C4 Dual To Android 5.1 Lollipop [OTA Update]

Sony Xperia C4 Android 5.1 Update

Xperia C4 is a great 5.5 inch Android device released recently by the giant Japanese tech company. It is powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop and has some good specs like a full HD screen, 2 GB RAM and a octa-core Mediatek processor. Sony Xperia C4 and C4 dual were  supposed to be updated from Android 5.0 Lollipop directly to Android …

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Here’s How To Get 3D Touch Effect On Android Instagram

Instagram 3d touch effect on Android

The most noted feature of Apple iPhone 6S, the 3D Touch Effect, is now available for Android users. This feature is related more with the hardware than the software since iPhone 6S has something unique, pressure-sensitive sensors. So this mean that you won’t have the same feature in you Android device but something similar to it. But what really is the …

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Guide To Buy a Refurbished Smartphone [Infographic]

Guide to Buy a Refurbished Smartphone

Planning to purchase an one of the latest devices but running short on cash? Instead of purchasing a new phone, you can consider buying a refurbished smartphone. If you do not know the tips to choose the right refurbished phone, here is a brief regarding the same. Refurbished smartphones have been used formerly by consumers for either extended or short …

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Old Android Phones Get Marshmallow Update – Check If Yours Is On The List

Android Marshma

Google and other manufactures are telling us that Android 6.0 Marshmallow runs only on latest devices which have good specs, letting us know that the old one don’t have enough RAM or the processor can’t handle Android 6.0 Marshmallow. But it the other side there are numerous  developers around the Android community that have proven that Android Marshmallow can run …

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Here’s How To Install Surround Sound Mod On Nexus 5x

surround sound mod nexus 5x

Nexus 5X is a new device in the market but it’s getting better every day because of the developers who are creating cool stuff for this device. This time we want to share with you a guide on how to install Surround Sound Mod on Nexus 5X. This old mod being available for almost all the devices made its way …

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Update Galaxy S To Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Galaxy S I9000 Android 6.0

Do you want to update your Galaxy S to Android 6.0 Marshmallow? In this guide we are going to show you the only way to enjoy Marshmallow on your old Samsung Galaxy S device. It might be a older phone but the developers still create goodies for it and the last one is OmniROM which is based on Android 6.0. First …

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How To Enable Double Tap To Wake Up On Nexus 6P

google-nexus-6p-double tap to wake up

The beauty of Android is that it offers you a lot of handy features that other devices don’t. A great feature that is becoming more and more popular is double tap to wake up the screen. In today’s article we will learn how to enable double tap to wake up on Nexus 6P running Android Marshmallow firmware. It will allow you …

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