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How To Change One Plus One Lock Screen Color Theme

Learn how to change the color of the One Plus One lock screen theme. Lock Screens are made to secure the mobile devices and to  protect them from accidental usage. The main purpose is to lock the phone and protect it from unwanted person usage, the lock screen also shows us information through lock screen widgets like weather, time and date and more, depends on widget we decide to install. Lock Screen also serves to make your screen look a little nice aesthetically.

Luckily for One Plus One users is founded a way how to modify the lock screen and make it even more colorful. This comes thanks to a modification by a XDA Recognized Themer called rush25 that dynamically changes your lock screen to match the installed theme. He created versions for devices running both the stock CM11s ROM, as well as standard CyanogenMod11.

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If you aren’t happy with the dynamic color of the lock screen, now you can easily edit the theme preset color and it will not affect the lock screen. So if you ever wanted to change your One Plus One lock screen theme and made it to combine with the device theme, this is the right tutorial for you. 

one plus one lock screen

This tutorial tell you how to replace the keyguard.apk file which is responsible for the lock screen. This mod is special because it’s Dynamic. It changes the color on the lock screen panel to match the applied theme. It finds what colors match with your theme and applies them on lock screen. The colors applied on its own. 


  • CM11s ROM, Stock One Plus One ROM, Download here
  • CM11 ROM, Download here

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The installation is easy. Download the zip file and flash it on Recovery.

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