How To Check If LG G4 Is Affected By Touchscreen Issues

LG G4 is already released and the first problems are noticed. Plenty of users have reported touchscreen issues. It’s a pity to see a device like LG G4 to suffer from this nasty issues. Nowadays the screen is the main part of the smartphone and if it doesn’t work correctly, the phone is useless. This is happening with LG G4. It is suffering from screen issues which make your experince nasty.

LG G4 comes as a redesigned version of G3. After the success with G3, LG expecting to have the same success because with the specs it has the LG G4 is a real beast in Android world. Unfortunately the result are not as expected. LG G4 seems to have some issues that can make you think twice before buying it.

Recently users have reported some strange issues with the phone. Its screen becomes unresponsive and when you tap somewhere on the screen it won’t notice that. However don’t be afraid. Not all LG G4 are affected by touchscreen issues. So if you are planing to buy a new phone you can go ahead and buy the LG G4 but make sure it’s not suffering from touch issues. You can do that by following the step by step guide below.Fix LG G4 Touchscreen problems


How To Check If LG G4 Suffers From Touchscreen Problems

  • Take your phone and go to dialer app. Type the following number: 277634#*#.
  • The Service Menu will open.
  • Go to Device Test > Service Menu – Manual Test > Touch Draw Test – Manual.
  • There you can test the touchscreen of your LG G4 to check if it has problems.
  • Touch, tap, knock and slide your finger over the screen. If any red marks appears it means that your phone is not affected by touchscreen issues.
  • Otherwise if no red mark appears there it means that your phone hasn’t recongnized your finger.

The manufacture may have noticed the problem because there are many LG G4 users that have reported this issue but until now there is no response what is causing this issue and how to fix it. It might be the panel problem or a bug in the software but unfortunately nothing is official. So you have to wait for the response of the company. If they found it’s a bug it will be fixed in the next update that will released soon but if it is the panel problem you have to bring the phone back to the store and ask for an replacement. However you should stay informed about the latest new about LG G4 touchscreen issues. The manufacature will get back with a response and until then you have to wait.

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