Deactivate & Remove Galaxy S5 Demo Retail Mode

In today’s guide we gonna learn how to disable and remove the Live Unit Retail Mode on Galaxy S5. Retail mode is software designed to show all the phone features automatically. It’s activated on demo units which are displayed in shops and people can see what the phone has to offer.

Usually when you go on a shop you will see the latest devices of the moment playing something like a video. Actually it’s a video made by purpose of showing the features of phone to those people who are interested in learning more about the device.

This is a good thing for those people who work on shops that sell phones. They don’t have to show the phone’s features to every client. Actually the phone is showing them by itself if it’s activated demo live retail mode. The customers simply has to take a look at the phone that has retail mode activated and can see all the phone features.galaxy s5 retail mode

Retail Mode might be a good thing but only for stores. If you own a device that has retail mode activated it will show that video all the time. Try not to use the device for a couple of minutes and retail mode will be activated automatically.

It will drain the battery very fast. Also showing the same thing all the time it’s not good even for the screen. It may cause screen burn or other issues. That’s why demo units with the retail mode are not for sale.

If you buy a device from an un-authorised seller you may get a demo unit and it’s not a good thing. However even if you have get get a Galaxy S5 with retail mode activated the only thing you can do is to deactivate it because the person who sold that to you probably won’t accept to give the money back or replace the phone.

So remember one thing, next time you decide to buy a new device buy it from an official seller. If you have already get a demo unit Galaxy S5 try to disable the retail mode by following the guide below:

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Deactivate And Remove Retail Mode On Galaxy S5

The first thing you have to do is to go to the app drawer and and open an app called Samsung Retail.

Then go to Configuration Settings and enter the password 5444 to unlock it.

Uncheck “Disable the Factory Reset” box and enter the following password M729Q16K8546.

Turn of the phone and then boot into Recovery Mode

Go to Wipe data and Factory Reset and then press OK.

The phone will restart and once it is turned on the Retail Mode feature will be removed.

Also you have to flash a official Galaxy S5 Firmware. The Official Galaxy S5 Firmware will return your phone to stock and will make it like new.

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