How To Deactivate & Remove Galaxy S5 Demo Retail Mode

Probably, you have been on shopping malls and have seen all those brand new devices showing their features automatically. This is a software called Retail Mode and it is designed to show all the phone features all the time so the people can watch what the device offers. The software is installed only on demo units which are displayed on shops where people can see the devices and their features.

When you go to an electronic shop you will notice various places advertising the latest devices on the market. Usually, these devices are playing a kind of a video. It’s made on purpose to show the phone specifications and the features to people who are interested to learn more about the device.

Retail Mode might be a good thing for the workers in the shops that sell phones. They do not have to show the phone’s features to every client that might be interested to learn more about a specific device. The phone will play the video automatically and it keeps replaying all the time until someone stops it. As a customer, you need just to watch the video and you will get enough information about the device.

Retail Mode is designed to play that video all the time. Even though this might be helpful for the stores, it’s not the same for people who own a device with Retail Mode activated. It will keep playing the video all the time and this is pretty annoying. You may stop and do something else but once you let the device a couple of minutes without using it, Retail Mode will be activated automatically.

It will drain the battery pretty fast. Playing the same video all the time is not good also for the screen. It may cause screen burn and other problems. That’s why you should never buy a demo unit device that has Retail Mode activated. But since these devices may be cheaper than the other devices made for sale, numerous people have bought them.

When you want to purchase a new smartphone, go to an authorised seller. Otherwise, you may not get a brand new device. There are plenty of shops selling refurbished devices and you will not notice any difference between it and a new device. Also, from an unauthorised seller, you may get a demo unit and this is not something you really want.

You have already got a Galaxy S5 but you may want to check if your Galaxy S5 is refurbished or used. This won’t make any difference as long as it works properly.

Anyway, you are here because have already purchased a Galaxy S5 with Retail Mode activated. So we will help you to remove Retail Mode from Galaxy S5. Even though it’s not something easy to do still the chance you can deactivate and remove Retail Mode on Samsung devices exists. Keep reading further for some actionable tips.

Here’s how to deactivate And Remove Retail Mode On Galaxy S5

Take your phone and head over to app drawer. There you will find an app called Samsung Retail. Go to Configuration Settings and enter the password 5444 to unlock it.

Then uncheck the “Disable the Factory Reset” box and enter the following password M729Q16K8546.

Turn off the phone and boot into Recovery Mode. There select Wipe Data and Factory Reset and confirm.

Once it’s done, restart the phone and the Retail Mode should have been removed.

Also, you have to flash an official firmware via ODIN. The Official Galaxy S5 Firmware will return your phone to stock and will make it like new.


  1. I have a Samsung A5 and after following all steps and wiping it’s still in retail

  2. I have A5 same problem as Danny said

  3. please suggest me what to do


  5. there aint no where i can put the password whatbthe fuck how do i take it off

  6. Thanks a lot

  7. i cant uninstall retail mode off my samsung tablet theres no apps or not showing where i can turn off retail mode help

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