Download File Manager With Material Design & Root Access

Finding the right File Manager sometimes really sucks. There are plethora of File Manager available to download but only few of them have all the features you want from a robust file browser. Even when you find one with all the features in most of cases it don’t have a good look and a simpler interface.

For these reasons a XDA Senior Member created something awesome. He managed to create an amazing File Manager with all feature you need from a manager and with a good look in the same time time.

The developer posted a thread on the biggest Android forum for this file manager. He said that the app is still in beta and he is looking for feedback to improve the app. The app is ready to install even why the developer is working to make it even better.


App Features

It’s not a simply file manager which looks good in the first sight. It’s also powerful and offer an intuitive navigation and browsing. The file manager is also able to compress and extract files. Other features are: application backup and restore, multiple tasks and root file management. So it looks to have all the features you can expect from a powerful file manager.

This File Manager called Amaze is totally an open source and developers can contribute to the project. So if you want to download and test it features or if you have developing skills head on to the XDA official thread.The app is also downloadable via the Google Play Store.

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