Download Galaxy Note 4 TouchWiz Launcher Theme For Galaxy S5

Download and install Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Launcher to Samsung Galaxy S5. Galaxy Note 4 is the latest flagship device of Samsung. All galaxy devices are considering as the best phones comparing with other manufactures. Galaxy Note 4 the last phone that is announced by Samsung comes with lot of improvements both in hardware and software. 

Samsung is also well know for its TouchWiz user interface. It is different from other launchers and has a originial look. TouchWiz is the easier way to use your device or tablet, giving you intuitive handling of everyday tasks or advanced ones.

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In Galaxy Note 5 TouchWiz comes with a lot of improvements and bug fixes. Samsung’s skin has always given the over-sized Note devices its own special superpowers.

note-4-touchwiz for s5

Galaxy Note 4 TouchWiz Features:

  • Speed & Faster & Smooth
  • Supports Theme Manager
  • Add All Languages

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Galaxy Note 4 TouchWiz Launcher theme is available to download for Galaxy S5. Download the apk file from here. After downloading the file all the process is to simple. You have to follow two steps and Galaxy Note 4 Launcher will be installed on your S5.

  • First step: Flash the downloading file in CWM Recovery.
  • Second step: Fix image size on the launcher.

Download fix launcher here.


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