Download Galaxy Note 5 Firmware For Galaxy S6

Samsung released its next beast, the Galaxy Note 5 just a few days ago. As usually the device comes with lot of improvement both in hardware and software. In today article we are talking about the Galaxy Note 5 Firmware which is ported to Galaxy S6 and you can install it as a Custom ROM. Despite the fact that it’s a brand new phone, only few days after the release a developer at the XDA community named as arter97 managed to get the Note 5 and port its firmware to S6.

This is an early port but still it’s stable enough to be used as a daily driver. It brings a full Galaxy Note 5 experience for S6 users. By installing this ROM you can enjoy and test the Galaxy Note 5 firmware and apps on your Galaxy S6. Even though both firmware are similar the Note 5 version of TouchWiz has more features that maybe you wanna try.

According to the developer, this ROM is an early release and you may find things that don’t work. However from the first tests the ROM has performed well so we recommend installing it if you want to test Galaxy Note 5 features. By installing Galaxy Note 5 ROM on Galaxy S6, you will get everything like Note 5 apps, wallpapers, ringtones and more.

Galaxy Note 5 firmware for S6


This procedure involves in flashing files and you may lose your warranty. Even though the ROM is tested on Galaxy S6 and it work pretty fine, things can happen and you can brick your device if you don’t follow all the steps carefully. Here at DoryLabs we provide guides but we shall not held any responsibility for any trouble happen to your phone. So if you want to install Galaxy Note 5 firmware on Galaxy S6 perform at your own risk.

Early Preparations

  • The Note 5 ROM you will find below is only for Galaxy S6 SM-G920F only. Do not try it on other variant like Verizon, T-Mobile or any other device because it will result in bricked device.
  • You will need a rooted phone which means your warranty will be voided if you root your phone. If you don’t know what is root you should do so researches first.
  • You must have a Custom Recovery on your phone. It’s recommended to use the latest version of Philz Touch Recovery.
  • You have to install a kernel compatible with Note 5 ROM and Galaxy S6 ROM. We recommend arter97 v2.2 kernel. Download link below.


Download both files and put in the Internal Memory of your phone and follow the guide below to install it.

How To Install Galaxy Note 5 ROM On Galaxy S6

  • Ensure you already installed Philz Touch Recovery on your Phone.
  • Put the ROM and Kernel on your phone memory.
  • Turn off your phone and boot it into Recovery.
  • It’s recommended to do a full backup of your current ROM in case anything goes wrong or if you don’t like the ROM.
  • Install Galaxy Note 5 ROM.
  • Install the Kernel otherwise your phone will stuck in bootloop.
  • If you wanna have root access you can do it by flashing SuperSU.

Reboot your phone now and enjoy Galaxy Note 5 ROM on Galaxy S6. You will have all Galaxy Note 5 improved apps installed on your S6.

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