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Download & Install Android Lollipop Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

Download and Install Android Lollipop Checkboxes and Radio Buttons to older Android versions. Lollipop was first unveiled at the Google I/O 2014 keynote, and since them developers started to port the apps. It comes with a new look presented like Material Design and a new way how we interact not only with Google apps but also even with third-apps.

Since the Androdid Lollipop was announced we have seen a lot of applications being updated to Lollipop style. Lollipop is considered as the next generation of Android because it is totally different from the previous versions like Jelly Bean or KitKat. Android Lollipop is in a developer preview but the bad news is that it can’t installed on all devices.

Despite the fact that you can’t install Lollipop on your device, you still can have some of Material Design apps on your older device. In this article we are going to learn about the Android Lollipop Checkboxes and Radio Buttons. Thanks to a developer called  KuaQ, it brings this two apps to download on older ROMs.


This is a modification that changes the look of checkboxes and radio buttons, it also tweaks the animatios and make them similar like Android L. The process is to simple, you only have to replace some components of your drawable folder in your framework. Once your are done you will have an awesome result. Go ahead with the tutorial.

Download & Install Android Lollipop Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

  • Download and extract the resources, you will it below
  • Find btn_radio and btn_check files in the drawable-xxxx folder and delete it.
  • If you framework supports xxhdpi resolution just copy and paste files from xxhdpi folder to your drawable-xxhdpi folder in /res
  • If you don’t have drawable-xxhdpi folder in /res, just copy this folder from extracted rescuses to res/folder
  • Copy files from extracted drawable folder to drawable folder in your decompiled framework.
  • Decompile and push the framework-res to /system/framework folder.

Download the files from here

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