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Download & Install HTC Locations Offline Maps

HTC has discontinued their service for their navigation app ‘HTC Locations’ in July 2013. Even thought it may seems like an outdated app, it works great. This app was very handy because you could download a map of a particular country and use it offline. Furthermore it doesn’t require much space on your phone. In this post you will learn how to install HTC Locations offline maps on any Android device.

This app is great for… let’s say old devices who don’t support and don’t have memory to install the latest GPS apps. Unfortunately this service is not available any more. Since you can’t download the maps from the official HTC site, two developers found a way to make it work.

Thanks to jasonlee0315 and vincent312 both members of XDA community you can download HTC Locations offline maps.

Offline maps are a must for travelers because most of the time they struggle finding WiFi. But having an offline maps make things much easier. If you want to download and install HTC Locations offline maps read below:

  • HTC Locations Offline Maps for Android. Download here.

This package contains the maps of the following countries:

  • America (all)
  • United States
  • Europe (all)
  • Asia (all)
  • Africa (all)
  • Pacific Asia (all)
  • Navigator Speech (all)

htc locations offline maps


When using the map “Vatican” and “Italy” in the same time, it may cause the problem that no detailed country will be shown. So delete “Vatican”, because it is also included in “Italy”.

How to install HTC locations offline maps on Android devices
  • Download the right files and put the file into the SDcard in the directory: Data > Navigator > Data > Maps
  • In this folder look for a file named “.placeholder
  • Place the files in the mentioned directory.
  • Disable data connections.
  • Run HTC Locations offline maps and navigate to any place you want.

How To Make The Speech Work
  • Download the speech files and place it into your SD card in the directory: .data > navigator > Data > AudioRes
  • In this folder look for a file named .dummy. It can exist
  • Put the files in that directory
  • Run HTC locations and enjoy the offline maps

Stay updated with any changes by visiting the official thread here.

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