Download LG G3 Home Launcher & Weather Widget

Download and install the beautiful LG G3 launcher and weather widget on your Android device. LG G3 launcher is one of the most beautiful you can ever find around and another stronger point is that it is optimised for better performance, to run faster and without any lag.

It has a simple user interface but it is beautiful and with much more functions than the previous launcher presented by LG in previous devices such as LG G2. Once the LG G3 was announced for the first time we saw many people asking if anyone could port the LG G3 apps. At first we enjoy the LG G3 Smart Keyboard. It was the first app ported because LG G3 brings a totally a new keyboard. That’s why it is named as Smart Keyboard because it’s really smart and will make you happy while using it.

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If you like the LG G3 and want to turn your Android device into a LG G3 then the first thing you have to do is to install LG G3 Home Launcher. The interface is awesome, it combines three colours together to bring something very special to the users. Almost every piece of the Launcher is blue, green and purple. It looks like the LG has found the proper color combination to make a perfect launcher with a uniques user interface.

LG G3 Launcher and Weather Widget

Even if you are not a fan of LG, you still will love this Launcher. It is similar to Stock Android so it will not be difficult to navigate though it. In the home screen you will have the app drawer in the middle and two apps in both sides. Every Android Stock ROM has the same thing. So LG G3 Launcher expect the beautiful colours and optimization for better performance is very similar to stock launcher so it worth trying.

The weather widget is also a little different. This is what I like most on LG G3 weather widget. It is separated in two parts. The left one shows the weather and temperature and the right one shows the date and time. It fits perfectly with the colours of the launcher and will make your phone look unique. Either LG G3 Launcher or Weather Widget are taken directly from LG G3 system dump and they have reported as fully working.

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Download LG G3 Launcher and Weather Widget from the official thread on the XDA. Simply install as simple apk and if they don’t work you have to put the apk fils manually to system/apps. Once done, reboot your phone and don’t forget to enjoy the LG G3 Launcher and Weather Widget on you Android phone.

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