Download People Apps & AOSP Google Dialer On LG G3

Google Dialer and Google Contact app are designed to work only on those devices running stock Vanilla Android version hence only a few devices such as Nexus phones and tablets and also Motorola devices can install and use these apps.

Even though these devices are manufactured by different companies, Google is providing their software so they can enjoy the goodies of the giant tech company. Nexus and Motorola devices are the first that receive the new Android version once it’s released.

If you don’t like any of these devices but like the goodies of Google, like its apps still you can get them. There are many developers who port apps from one device to another so you can enjoy all the latest stuff.

We have written various articles about ported apps.

Samsung Galaxy apps are ported to Xperia devices and vice versa. This happens with almost all the other devices. Anyway, in this post, we are sharing with you how to get Google Contact app or People app and also Google Dialer on LG G3.

These apps are ported to LG G3 and numerous people have downloaded and tested them. They work perfectly so if you have thought to try them go ahead and download Google People app and AOSP Dialer on LG G3.

aosp dialer and people apps for lg g3

How to install Google Contact, People app and AOSP Dialer on LG G3

It’s quite an easy task to do, but however, there is a step by step guide how you can do it.

  • Go to the official thread and download the zip file.
  • Download the file on your phone and extract it.
  • You should have a File Explorer with root access such as ES File Manager or Root Explorer (both free on Play Store).
  • Using on of the file manager mentioned above copy these files to the system.
  • Set permissions (644) on both files.
  • Copy these files to system/priv-app/ from system/
  • Rename LGContacts.apk to LGContacts.apk.bak
  • Reboot your phone.

Move the LGContact.apk to a safe place where you can easily find it if anytime you want to go back and restore the official LG G3 keyboard.

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