Enable Galaxy S3 Slow Motion Video Recording (How To)

Learn how to enable slow motion video recording on your Samsung Galaxy S3 and enjoy watching videos in another level. Galaxy S3 is a great device with a good camera sensor. You can capture high quality photos and videos with that device, but the fact that it doesn’t have a slow motion video recording enabled by default is disappointing.

With Galaxy S3, Samsung involved the Android market. It has a huge number of sales so probably no other manufacture will exceed this number of sales. Even though it has been three years that Samsung Galaxy S3 is in the market and many other devices are announced every year, it still is one of the most supported phone.

You may have heard that Samsung stopped supporting this phone more than a year ago, but it is not dead yet. Galaxy S3 is being a strong competitor among many other phones since it has good performance and lot of support which mans that you can enjoy the latest features thanks to developers and Custom Support. Plethora of Custom ROMs and numerous mods are around, many others will be released so even though you have an old phone, still can enjoy the latest features presented in new releases.

galaxy s3 slow motion video recording

An awesome thing to do with your Galaxy S3 is to install slow motion camera mod. It’s a pity that Samsung hasn’t enabled this feature by default since the Galaxy S3 has one of the best camera sensors. The 8 MP camera can take photos and record videos with highest quality than some other devices released many times later. But you know that in Android everything is possible. With a little work and knowledge you can make the impossible possible.

This time you will learn how to install a new camera mod in you Galaxy S3 and enable slow motion video recording. So without further ado let’s jump into the tutorial and install slow motion camera mod on Galaxy S3.

Install Galaxy S3 Slow Motion Camera Mod


  • A Galaxy S3 of course.
  • Your phone must be running Stock TouchWiz 4.4.2 or 4.4.4 KitKat.
  • Your phone must be rooted.
  • A Custom Recovery must be installed.


  • Slow Motion Camera Mod. Download here.

How To

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Turn it on again but this time in Recovery.
  • Using Recovery, flash the camera mod.
  • Reboot.
  • Enjoy.

Wait for the phone to turn on. Once it’s on go to the app drawer and find camera app. Open it and go to Settings > Recording Mode > Slow Motion.

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