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How To Fix Galaxy Note 4 Heart Rate Monitor Problem

Galaxy Note 4 users recently have reported a problem with the S Health app. To be more specific the problem consist on the heart rate monitor. It sounds strange but there are numerous users who have reported the same issue. The heart rate sensor or maybe the app doesn’t work.

When you put your finger over the sensor it doesn’t give a reading. While in the other hand the SpO2 function that is also on the heart rate monitor works fine. At first it may seems like a broken sensor but don’t worry. It might be a bug within the system and it can be easily fixed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with plethora of features that makes it not only a simple phone for phone calls, messages, internet and few other things. It has a lot of sensor to measure blood pressure, heart rate and much more. It can considered as a medical assistant, and the best thing is that you have it everywhere and anytime.

Heart Rate sensor is one of the best features of this device but still it’s not completely believable. Samsung says not to rely much on the sensors and use it only as your personal medical assistant. Sometimes it can be very helpful but still you have to make the exact examination if you want to be 100% galaxy note 4 heart rate monitor problem

You are here because you’re experiencing problems with the heart rate sensor on your Galaxy Note 4. So before asking a specialised person you can try something on your own.


There are some workaround solutions for the heart rate monitor problem you can try to fix it. Firstly make sure you only press your finger lightly. The way how you press your finger over the sensor is very important so always be sure to press it correctly.

Try removing the case if you are using one, because it prevents the sensor from reading when you put the finger over it. Sometimes the case prevent the sensor to do its work. So removing the case is one of the things you should try to do before looking for other solutions.

Installing standalone third-party apps is also a smart thing you can do. There are many third-party heart rate app available on Play Store. They work even better than the Samsung app. So give it a try to install one of those apps. A Good suggestion is  Polar Bluetooth heart rate, a lot of people are using it and it seems to be a good choice.

If none of the solutions work than you can try to factory reset and wipe everything. Usually it fix all software related issues. If you are still experiencing problem after a factory reset you should ask for a specialised service or even ask for a replacement.

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  1. After updating 6.0.1 hrm sensor not working properly, it calculate uv ray perfectly but unable to calcualter heart rate and many more measurement accept uv ray

  2. Leonard A Briscoe

    I just recently started experiencing this problem. I found that neither one of my index fingers registers well on the sensor. However, both of middle fingers register instantly and give good readings. There is a significant difference in density between my index finger and middle finger and perhaps this is the reason.

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