How To Fix Galaxy Note 7 Bootloop and Crash Problem

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is undoubtedly the best smartphone of the year. It brings plethora of new features along with great specs. However we know that nothing is perfect. It’s a new device but users have reported some small problems but they can all easily fixed.

In today’s post we are going to learn how to fix Galaxy Note 7 Bootloop and also the crashing problem. While for most of the users the experience with Note 7 is incredible there also some other people complaining about few errors with their phones.

Apparently it seems that Galaxy Note 7 is suffering from few software issues that we might consider as bugs. The problem consists on some applications that break down the phone. In most of the cases it end in a bootloop.

If this problem has happened to you here are few solutions how to fix Galaxy Note 7 Bootloop and crashing problem.


How to fix Galaxy Note 7 Bootloop and Crashing problem

1 – Clear Data, Cache, Dalvik Cache

Take your phone and turn it off by pressing the power key. Once your phone is off wait for a few seconds and boot into recovery. To do so press and hold the proper buttons. When your Galaxy Note 7 boots into recovery, clear cache, data and Dalvik Cache.

Then restart the phone and check if it has fixed the problem.

2 – Factory Reset your phone

If clearing data and cache doesn’t work you may want to factory reset your phone. So save your important files such as photos, videos and documents. Then boot again into recovery and navigate to Wipe Data and Factory Reset.

Do it and then reboot your phone. Now check if the bootloop error is fixed.

3 – Flash stock firmware

If none of the above solutions don’t work then give it a try to flash a stock firmware on Galaxy Note 7. All you have to do is to find the stock firmware for your device and download it. Make sure you are downloading the right firmware.

When you have the firmware you have to install it. If you don’t know how to do here’s  guide how to install stock firmware to any Samsung device with ODIN.

Once you successfully flash the firmware, check for the bootloop problem. It must be fixed and your phone will be like a brand new device.


If you have any other question or want to share something that might be helpful, feel free to write in the comment section below.

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