How To Fix Play Store “No Connection – Retry” Error

“No Connection – Retry” message is displayed when you try to access Google Play Store in a device without internet connection. This sounds normal but you are not here because this error is displayed on your device that is not connected to internet. What is annoying is the fact that this error can be displayed even when your device is connected to internet, no matter if it’s WiFi or Mobile Data connection.

But don’t worry. We exists, developers also so Play Store Error “No Connection – Retry” is fixed and I’m going to share the solutions with you. In most of the cases this error happens when you haven’t cleaned the cache of Play Store. This is the most common reason but it’s not the only. We investigated harder and found 5 tips to help your solve “No Connection – Retry” Error on Google Play Store.

As previously said the first thing you should do is to clean the cache of Play Store. I recommend you to clear the cache of all the device. There are several ways to do that but I prefer using any app that will scan the device often and you will not experience such problems due to the cache. If you do have an installed app to clean the cache you can do it manually. My favorite method is using the Recovery. Boot your phone into Recovery and then clear the cache.

Fix Play Store No Connection - Retry

If you have cleared the cache and the error is still appearing you should check the date and time on your phone. Google Play Store works only if the date and time is set correct. Try to get access to Play Store now and see if the “No Connection – Retry” Error is fixed. If not then proceed to the next workaround solutions.

What was helpful for me is that after removing Google account, restarting the phone and sing in again. After I did this I notice that the “No Connection – Retry” error was fixed. To remove accounts simply go to Settings > Accounts and remove Google account. You can do try it on your phone and let me know in the comments below.

If the problem still not fixed it might happens that the apk file get corrupted so all you need to do is to uninstall the app and then install it again using another apk file.

If the problem still exists it might happens that Play Store is conflicting with another app and you will need to uninstall all the installed apps. I suggest you doing a factory reset because it will delete any thing on your phone and make it like new. To do a factory reset there are to ways. The first one is going to Settings and the next one is using the recovery.

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  1. I’ve done all of this. I have an LG g3 from Sprint and since the most recent update my play store isn’t opening it keeps saying there is. Problem connecting with the Google servers and I can’t update my play store services because it doesn’t Give that option. I can’t even go the internet because my WiFi isn’t going through. I can still call and text but the internet is useless and I’d like to have it for my games.

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