Get a Free Number For SMS Verification If You Don’t Want To Put Your Own Number

If you don’t want to use your own number in every app and site that ask you for a SMS verification, with a few steps you can get a free number online and voila, you will not have to put your own number anymore. This method is quite handy and it really works. A huge number of people have used this method to verify their accounts.

SMS or calling verification is needed to verify the ownership of account. Usually when you create a new account on any page, except email verification it may ask for a SMS verification. So you will need to enter your phone number a wait for that SMS with a code to confirm that you are a real person and not a robot. There is nothing to worry about that because in most of the cases the information is safe but if you are concerned and don’t want to put your own number still is something you can do.

With a few steps you can get a few number online and use it for that SMS verification. The procedure of verification is the same as you use a phone but in this case you will not receive a SMS on your phone but in your computer. So without further ado let’s jump on the tutorial to get a free number and verify any account you want without needing to enter your real phone number.

get a free number for sms verifications

Step one: Create an account at Pinger. Go to this site and create an account with a valid email address because you will need to confirm the email in order to activate the account. Setting up an account is so easy and you will not have have any difficulty doing it.

Step 2: You need a US Zip Code. It is needed a US Zip Code because it supports only US phone numbers. For example you can use 47144 which is Indiana State zip code. You can use this or any other state zip code.

Step Three. Get your number. Once you have entered the zip code, you will see a list of phone numbers and you can choose any of them. Choose wisely because after this step you can’t change it to another phone number. After you choose the number click confirm and you will be logged in.

Step Four: Activate your email address. Head over to your email client and activate your email address.

Step Five: Install Pinger app. This step is optional because Pinger app is needed in case you want to receive calls and texts directly on your phone.

Step Six: Send a text or voicemail to your computer or phone.

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