Get Always-On Ambient Clock Feature On Every Android 4.0 +

Why should you reach out and press the power button every time you wanna take a glance at the clock? Wouldn’t be better if you could have the Always-On feature on your device so it will show the clock without having to press the power button. Always-On is a feature presented in Galaxy S7 and LG G5 that shows the clock on a turned off screen.

Today we are going to share a cool app that will help you to get the Always-On Ambient Clock feature on every Android device running Android 4.0 and higher. The app works like hell and it will show a nice and elegant clock in the screen turned off.

This app fits perfect with Amoled display, in this case only a portion of the display works and it won’t drain the battery. Well, you can use it in every device if you don’t mind if it will drain the battery. Even though the app is improved to use battery as little as possible, still it will need a bit. It is worthing to allow this cool app the battery if you really wanna have a nice feture.

Always on feature for every Android

The developer of Always-On display feature app for every Android is inspired by the Galaxy S7 and LG G5. The app is vey customizable and you can choose to show the clock in every position of the screen. It allows you as well to do:

  • change the font size
  • change the font color
  • change the font of the clock between 700 different fonts.
  • choose between 24 or 12-hour format.
  • choose to show second or not.
  • choose the opacity of the clock.

Besides this main features the app has also some cool extra features such as double tap to unlock, missed calls and SMS notifications, clock moves every 10 second so it prevenets screen burning, the clock will automatically hide if you flip your phone or put into your pocket.

The Always-On app for all Android devices won’t work with third-party screen lockers. So if you are using one of them make sure to delete it and then try Always-On feature. Also it’s recommended to keep the “brightness” and “clock” opacity under the app settings as low as possible so it will save a bit battery.

This is the first stage of the app. More feature are comming soon.

Download Always-On Ambient Clock

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