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Get An Invite And Download Inbox By Gmail App

Inbox by Gmail is an application announced from Goole. It is similar to the Gmail app but with more optimizations and features. It’s motto is keeping things organized. So if you receive payment emails, inbox will group them together in a specific category so you don’t have to view all the emails to find a mail you need. It will do the same things with all other mails, it will group them in categories, so you will check them easy and fast.

Inbox by Gmail is a revolutionary app that has changed totally the way we send and receive emails. It is more than a simple mail app. Unfortunately Google hasn’t released the application for all users. You can get the app only if you receive an invitation. This makes all wondering how to get an invitation and download the Inbox app.

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Invitation system is to easy, once you receive an invitation and you have the Inbox app you also can invite three other persons. But how to get the invitation at first. Google is sending invitations to Gmail users, so wait for a while, maybe you are a lucky person and receive an invitation from Google.


If you are so excited and you want to try Inbox Bu Gmail app, try to send an email to Google at this address Maybe Google see your email and send you an invitation. If you consider yourself lucky give it a try if you will have luck even in this case.

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In the biggest Android forum, XDA-developers is created a specific thread for Inbox by Gmail. Developers there are posting who have received the update and helping each other because when you receive and update you can invite three other person. It will be a little difficult to find someone who can send you an invitation, but you can try, you don’t lose anything. Go to the thread here and ask for an invitation.

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