How To Get Free Lives On Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game where you have to go through an adventure of passing different match-three puzzle levels. At first the game was announced for Facebook and after a great success, the developer released also a mobile app.

When it was announced it was a great surprise since in few times it becomes the most popular game on Facebook, leaving behind Farmville which has been for a long time the most played game on Facebook. The game is periodically updated bringing new levels to its users. The new levels first presented on Facebook version of the game followed by Android and iOS.

Candy Crush Saga is the most addictive puzzle game we have seen until now. There are many other games available but no one is so popular like Candy Crush. According to the developer the success of the games is due to the fact that it is “The Sweetest Game” until now. Each level of the game has a board filled with different colored candies. You have to find and match three or more color candies.


get free candy crush saga lives

Each level contain an objective that must be completed in a given number of movies or on a time limit. The levels may contain obstacles like block, bombs to make the game difficult. The player can win boosters and make the levels easy to win. Even though are different ways to cheat and easily pass all the hard levels of Candy Crush Saga, here in this article we are going to show you a useful trick to get free lives on the game.

How to get free Candy Crush Saga Lives

  • Open App Drawer on your phone and go to Settings > Date and Time.
  • Shift time back two and half hours.
  • Start Candy Crush Saga
  • Check the lives.
  • Close completely the game.
  • Set the correct time and then reopen Candy Crush to enjoy the free lives.

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