Get MTP Mode Working On Android MArshmallow With MTP Enabler

In this article we are going to find and easy way to get MTP Mode working on Android Marshmallow. If you don’t already know MTP stands for “Media Transfer Protocol” and it’s the successor of the USB Mas Storage. Almost all the newest Android devices use MTP Mode to transfer files. Therefore MTP is faster and optimized for better performance.

With the release of Android 6.0, Google did some major changes. You no longer can use MTP Mode without activating it before. Do not think this could be a bug or an issue. MTP Mode simply it’s not included on Marshmallow firmware. Below you are going to find how to activate MTP Mode on Marshmallow firmware.

A developer at the XDA forum has done a good job. He has created an application which will automate the whole process of enabling MPT Mode on Marshmallow. The developer named as bitstra released an app called MTP Enabler which will make the whole process easy. There is another way to get MTP Mode working on Marshmallow by tapping onto the system dialog window and enabling MTP from there.

However installing MTP Enabler will make the process simple and you will enable MTP only with one click. MTP Enabler comes also with a a listening feature for Broadcast Intent while connecting USB but it’s still in the experimental stage.

MTP Enabler Android Marshmallow

The app is very easy to use. Simply you have to install it and then create a widget on your home screen. But to install it you will need root access. So make sure to root your phone before trying to install the app. The app is tested in numerous devices and ROM and it’s supposed to work on all of them. So once you give it a try let us know what happened by commenting below.

You can configure the app for receiving Broadcast Intent when USB is connected. So when it receives the intent, it launches the system panel for USB connection type dialog and it sends an input of the coordinates of the MTP-option.

How to fix MTP Mode issue on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

  1. Download MTP Enabler v1.1 apk.
  2. Before installing the app make sure you have enabled Unknown Sources under Settings > Security.
  3. Install the apk file and launch MTP Enabler.
  4. Select the default action to MTP or if you want to set it manually choose “Ask me for action”
  5. Go to your home screen and place a widget of MTP Enabler and every time before connecting the phone to PC tap on the widget.

You can leave the app installed because it won’t touch any system file and or cause battery drain because it doesn’t run as a service.

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