How To Activate LTE On LG G3 Without Root

LTE that stands for Long-Term Evolution is a high-speed wireless for mobile devices and data terminals. It is based on GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA technologies. LTE increases the speed and capacity of the connection using a different radio interface together with other network improvements.

LG G3 features an LTE connection but it is not enabled by default. It’s a pity but here we will learn how to enable LTE on LG G3 without root access. The best part is that you do not need to run through long guides and install plenty of junk apps.

enable LTE on LG G3

LTE is a faster network. Who doesn’t like a faster internet connection? Comparing with the previous cellular network, LTE is super fast and with tons of improvements. Theoretically, LTE supports download at 300 Mbs and sometimes even more.

LTE is also a way for network operators all around the world to simplify their infrastructures and reduce costs while improving the quality of their services. This network connection has an architecture based on Internet Protocol (IP) VoIP, and other IP-based services.

LTE is a great service and easily deployable network technology. It is a high-speed network and offers low latencies over long distances. At first, the service was available only in some specific areas but the telecommunications providers are working to expand the LTE services worldwide.

LG G3 is a device that supports LTE but it’s not enabled by default. You have to activate it manually in order to use it. Firstly, make sure your carrier supports the LTE service and then go ahead and activate it.

Here’s how to enable LTE on LG G3 without root.

Dial the following number based on the model of your phone.

3845#*855# – International variant

3845#*851# – T-Mobile variant

3845#*850# – AT&T variant

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