How To Change App Persmissions On Android Without Root

Firstly you need to understand what are app permissions and why it’s important to check all the permissions before installing an app. Well, here is a short description of app permission. Let me ask a question first. Have you ever seen a list with permissions when you install an app? Probably yes, because every time you install an application it will require to get access to some functions of the device.

This may sound as normal but there are many cases that apps require to get access on much more functions than its needed. That’s why it’s recommended always to read carefully all app requirements. If you found something suspicious contact the developer and ask why the app need those requirements.

So if you grant access to any app you can’t ever control what data and apps it can get access to. So without your notice someone can steal your contacts, read your messages and much more. The only way to prevent an app from accessing all it requirements, is to not install it in the first place.

Developers have found a solution to this problem, they have created different mods that allow you to revoke different permissions for individual apps. All this mods are very useful but they require root access. You still don’t have to worry. A new app developed by UU Safe has solved this problem. You can manage app permissions without having to root your phone.

UU purifier allows you to manage app permissions without root

The app named as UU AppPurifier, is easy to use and very helpful in the same time. It takes any of the installed apps and inject a wrapper into their code which allows you to disable certain permissions. The only requirement of this app is to enable “Unknown Sources” under Settings > Security.

The app can be downloaded on Play Store. Search it by name and install the app. When you open the app for the first time it will ask you to review the app license agreement. Just accept them and the main menu of the app will be open. You will see a big circle button which says Purify. Tap on the Purify button and a window with all the installed app will appear.

Select the app you want to revoke any special permission and press “Purify” button at the bottom of the screen. App purifier will ask you to uninstall the original copy of the app and then install the modified copy. It will inject a wrapper into the apk that provide a permission management for that app. Remember if you allow the AppPurifier to uninstall the original copy and replace it, all the app data will lost.

Once the app is uninstalled another system window will appear and asks you to re-install this app. You can repeat the uninstall/re-install process for every app you want to modify. When all the apps you selected have been purified, you will be taken to another window to manage permissions.

To revoke app permissions simply select one the modified apps and you will see another window appearing when you can easily revoke app permissions. When you finish modifying app’s permissions tap OK from the bottom of the screen. You can choose to modify any other app. If you are done just tap on “Set all”.

You have successfully changed app’s permissions. They no longer can access the permissions you already revoked. Now you are safe. You can protect your sensitive data against unauthorized third-party peoples.

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  1. Haq Nawaz Khan

    hi there,

    i just purified my cell lg g2, after complete process, i am constantly have the following error “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped.” would you please help as it is very annoying, it appears every time i open an app, i will be waiting for your kind helping hand.

    • What app did you purified because that problem is related to contacts and app syncing.

    • Thanks a lot for your support and sorry for the inconvenience we brought. We are checking into it, and we will solve it ASAP. Please contact us if you have any question.

  2. Trying to figure why uu app purifer was removed from the Google play store???

  3. Dear users,

    We are astonished to know that our UU AppPurifier has been removed form Google Play recently and hereby we think it necessary to say:

    1. Google claims that UU AppPurifier “interferes with or accesses another service or product in an unauthorized manner”, but actually Purifying app will only wrap the original apk locally and reinstall the wrapped apk. Wrapped apk is exactly same as the original one, except it is loaded by the wrapper. As a result, all access to your privacy and unexpected behaviors will be under your control.

    2. We are always committed to design and deliver products that concentrated on boosting your phone and keeping it from harassment/invasion.

    3. We will definitely not stop updating current UU AppPurifier and of course, we will add more practical functions in coming versions for FREE forever.

    You can find more about us on Facebook:
    or on our website:
    You can also join our community on Google+:

    Thank you so much for your everlasting support and you can find more on our website
    It’s such a pleasure to provide you the best service that we could.

    Endless affection,
    UUsafe Inc.

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