How To Change FingerPrint Scanner Theme (Look) On Galaxy S5

By on Aug 29, 2014

Have you ever thought that you can change fingerprint scanner theme on Samsung Galaxy S5?

That’s the beauty of Android, you can customize and modify every piece of it without any worries. The fingerprint scanner has a default theme. But you may want your device to look a bit different from the others so it will be cool to change the fingerprint scanner theme.

Almost all the high end smartphones comes with a fingerprint scanner. More and more people are getting used with it. There are people who don’t prefer anymore a pin or a pattern to lock their phone. Instead fingerprint scanner is a great alternative.

You don’t need to remember any pin or pattern but you will always will have your fingers with you 😀 ! If you are one of those people who use the fingerprint scanner of Galaxy S5, you may want to change its theme. This is the best guide you will ever find to change the fingerprint scanner theme on Galaxy S5.


With a new theme installed your phone will look simply amazing. Why using the same thing that everybody uses when you have the chance to customise it. So go ahead and learn how to do it.

How to change Galaxy S5 Fingerprint scanner theme

To change the theme of the fingerprint scanner on Galaxy S5  you will need an apk file. Search for them on internet and find your favourite theme. You will need also root access and a file explorer such as ES File Explorer that can be downloaded for free on Play Store.

Once you get the apk open your favourite File Explorer and head over to root/system/priv-app. Make a copy of the Keyguard.apk existing file, just in case you wanna install the default theme.

Get the new Keyguard.apk and paste it to system/priv-app replacing the original file. Then change the permissions back to standart (rw–r–r-).

Now restart the phone and check the fingerprint scanner on your Galaxy S5. If you wanna check some cool theme check our article top best fingerprint scanner theme for Galaxy S5 and see if you like anyone of them

Note: Always remember to rename the new apk theme file to Keyguard.apk before adding it to the phone.

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