How To Disable And Uninstall Blotware On Galaxy Note 4

Learn how to disable or uninstall bloatware on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and save a lot of storage on your device. bloatware are pre-installed system applications and you can’t uninstall them like other downloaded apps. bloatware also drain the battery. Even though you don’t use them, they still run in background so they need battery life.

Most of the bloatware are carrier apps. In our case, in Galaxy Note 4 they are apps installed by Samsung which are used for various reasons. They are also called ‘gimmicks’ in most of cases. Having so many apps installed can’t be a good thing. They need a lot of storage, drain your battery and sometime they are annoying when it comes to find a app in app drawer. Because having so much app installed it’s difficult to find a specific app.

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The main reason why you may want to delete bloatware is that that use a lot of space. A minimum number of bloatware can take 1 or 2 GB space, that sometimes can be precious.

Samsung devices are known for the high number of bloatware, which almost all are not useful. The storage is also so precious, so uninstalling bloatware not only can save lot of storage memory but also the battery will last longer. You can learn how to disable or even to uninstall these apps by following the guides below.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-4 remove bloatware

How To Disable bloatware on Galaxy Note 4.

  • Open App Drawer and tap the three dots at the top right to open the menu.
  • You will see some options there, but select Uninstall/Disable apps.
  • A list of all the apps will appear and every application will have a minus sign.
  • Select the application and tap on ‘Disable’

This will not uninstall the bloatware but will prevent them from running in background, saving your RAM and battery life. They still will use memory storage.

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How To Uninstall/Delete bloatware On Galaxy Note 4

  • Download Root Uninstaller, it can easily found on Play Store. It need a rooted device. So if you hadn’t rooted your device yet, make sure to root it.
  • Once installed open the app and select the app you want to delete.
  • Tap on Uninstall.

That’s all. The bloatware are now uninstalled and you have saved lot of space and your battery life will last longer.

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