How To Fix Auto Restart Problem On Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4 seems to be suffering from various issues but fortunately they can be easily fixed. We have written also how to fix Note 4 RAM Management problem and another article about Invalid IMEI and Bootloop. So if you ever faced these problems maybe you would like to check them.

Recently another problem is reported by Note 4 owners. This beast has also another problem. It restarts automatically and without any reason. It’s a pity how can a device such as Note 4 has so many problems. But still I really like Galaxy Note phones. Even though they may experience some problems you can easily fix them.

According to the Note 4 users the device restarts a couple of times a day without no reason and sometimes even when you’re not using it. Normally the phone restarts three times a day but it can goes more. A few other people are saying that their phone restarts every 30 minutes, which seems to be very annoying.

But since these problem are related more with the software you can try do do something on your own before asking for specialised service. To fix Galaxy Note 4 auto-restart problem there are some workaround solutions you can try. Read below and maybe you fix the issue by yourself.

If you have installed any app recently and then probably it is conflicting with another app and maybe causing the auto-restart problem. To check this, reboot is Safe Mode and see if the problem still exists. Try to use your phone in Safe Mode and if the problems doesn’t persist than one of the installed apps is causing the auto restarting problem

If you remember which apps you have installed recently, uninstall them one by one. I would recommend to do a Factory Reset because it will delete everything and make your phone like new. But save this option for the last.

Check the SD card. It may sound strange but in some cases the SD card can cause problems. Some Note 4 users said that once they removed the SD card the problem was disappeared. So give it a try, it never knows. It might work for you too.

In case you haven’t made any change to your device like installing apps or something other, and you are experiencing the automatically restart problem, it might be a faulty unit. So you have to send it back where you bought it and ask for a replacement.

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  1. I followed the recommended safemode boot and it took me to the BIG Android character and right under it a “DOWNLOADING” test. Not sure if this is what its supposed to do.

    I was having the auto restart events. Several at times during a 1 hr period. It all started out of nowhere after 18 months of flawless use and operation.


    I little worried. Im not ready to buya new phone yet ($$$$)

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