How To Fix LG G3 Dropping WiFi & Won’t Connect Issues

Learn How to Fix WiFi issues on LG G3. From the latest reports a new problem is appear on LG G3 devices. LG G3 owners are complain about WiFi issues. They are saying that sometimes the device can’t connect to a WiFi but more commonly  its connecting for a period of time and then dropping inexplicably and refuse to connect again.

This is a nasty problem nowdays because we live in an era when almost everything we do is related to internet. People use it for many reasons, some for work, others to chat, play even for reading some interesting stories or simply listening the favorites songs. 

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You can try various things to fix the Wifi connectivity issues on LG G3. This article will show you some potential solution how to fix it. Read below for more.


How To Fix LG G3 Dropping WiFi & Won’t Connect Issues

  • Remove the LG G3 battery and put it back again, turn of the phone and the issued should be fixed.
  • Turn off the router and turn it on again.
  • Go to Setting > Wi-Fi and long press on the network name you are having problem.
  • Forget the network and try to connect to it again.
  • Be sure the battery saver is off. If it is on, go to its settings and change so it will not turn the wi-fi off.
  • Turn off bluetooth if it’s on, because sometimes it can interfere with Wi-Fi.

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  • Tap the menu button at top right of the wi-fi screen and go to Advanced WiFi. try changing the settings there.
  • If you have the option to connect to a 5GHz band instead of 2.4 GHz, it worth trying.
  • Check your ISP or router manufacture to make sure that you have the latest firmware for your router/
  • You can try Wifi Analyzer and check how busy your channels are. Try switching to a less busy channel if that seems to be the problem.

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  1. Well this one was a tough one but looks like I fixed it .
    I don’t know if any of you guys download MacFee Antivirus but I unistalled because it was the last app I download before this issue start .Well my phone is connected to my Wi-Fi and running good .
    This is just another option .Good luck .

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