How To Fix LG G3 Keyboard Lag

Are you a LG G3 user suffering from a keyboard lag? Are you constantly wondering how it is possible that a device like like LG G3 is experiencing such problems? Let me say that you are not the only one who is experiencing a keyboard lag on LG G3. Fortunately there is something you can do to fix the keyboard lag on LG G3 and in this article we are going to share few simple workaround solutions.

Besides the keyboard lag the LG G3 users have faced various issues but all of them are related to software and are fixed with updates. Since it’s a new device LG G3 is still supported by the company and it receives the latest updates that brings improvements, bug fixes and new options. However this is something else and we gonna discus it in another article.

In this article we are focusing only on LG G3 keyboard issues and to understand why it lags. The lag is noticed in many apps such as message applications, search feature, browser and so on. In every app that is needed to use a keyboard, you will notice a lag issue.


lg g3 keyboard

The Keyboard Lag is noticed in almost all LG G3 versions and in many countries so it seems to be a general problem. Like many other problems even the keyboard lag can be easily fixed. It might be a temporary solution but it will fix the problem and will make the keyboard faster and enhance the typing experience.

How to fix LG G3 keyboard lag

Third-Party Keyboard

Using a third-party keyboard might be a fastest solution. Simply head over to Google Play Store and download one between many keyboards there. Sometimes a third-party keyboard can be better than the stock one. Mostly of them are designed with features and facilities for a better typing experience.

A good choice is Google keyboard or even Swiftkey. Both of them can be downloaded for free on Play Store. If you don’t wanna use a third-party keyboard then try to fix the lag problem on your LG G3 trying the other solutions.

Clear Data and Cache

Cache memory is a random access memory (RAM) that a microprocessor can access more quickly than it can access regular RAM. Clearing it can help fixing keyboard lag on LG G3. Go to Settings > Applications > All Apps and find keyboard. Tap on it and then clear cache and then clear data.

If the problem is not fixed yet try to clear the cache for all app. The best way to do it is trough recovery. So turn off your phone and use the proper key combination to boot into recovery. Navigate to Clear Cache and then reboot your phone.

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Installed Applications

Sometimes an application can crash an may cause issue. If you have installed an app recently and then after installing the app you faced the lag issue than it might be responsible for the lag issue. However even if you haven’t installed an app recently still exist the opportunity that an app is causing the lag problem.

You will need to find and uninstall this app. It is a hard task but you have the option to make a factory reset. It will delete everything and will make your phone like new.

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