How To Fix Nexus 7 Battery Drain & Slow Charging Issue

Learn how to fix easy battery drain and slow charging problem on Nexus 7 in an easy and simple way. Nexus 7 is one of those few devices that everyone would love to have in his hands. It comes with many improvements and such good features that makes it a good device. It has also a big battery 3950 mAh. This makes just everyone think that Nexus 7 is a device with a long-life battery.

But is some cases it doesn’t seem to be true. Some Nexus 7 owners are wondering how is it possible that a device like a Nexus 7 can experience such a big problem. Nexus 7 users have not reported only easy battery drain but also the slow charging problem at the same time. When it comes to slow charging there are many reasons why it happens. If your Android device experience slows charging problem at the same time it will experience also easy battery drain. So at first, we have to fix slow charging problem and then let’s care about battery drain.

In most of the cases, the issues seem to appear on those devices that have the Android 4.4.2 KitKat installed. In this article, you are going to find a simple and easy way which fix not only easy battery drain and slow-charging issue but also even the phone lag, crashing apps, and slow responses.

Most of Nexus 7 users result to solve the problem only with a single step. You have to Wipe Data and Cache, but before continuing with the procedure maybe you need to know what is this all about.


Cache Partition Wipe – It stores temporary system data. This means you can access to applications quickly and safe when you use a cache data. So when you are working on an app or playing a game and then you press the home button and interrupt it. When you reenter again you see that it resumes where you left. Having too much cache sometimes can be bad for the phone. So cleaning it periodically will make faster, fix the battery issues and remove lag on your device. It will work not only in Nexus 7 but even in other Android phones.

How To Fix Nexus 7 Easy Battery Drain and Slow Charging Issue

You need to boot recovery mode to Cache Partition Wipe.

  • Turn of your Nexus phone.
  • Turn it on again, but you must press and hold Power Button, when the logo appears, press and hold the Volume Down while still holding the Power Button.
  • Using Volume Buttons navigate to Recovery Mode and press the power button to select.
  • You will see “No Command” Prompt. Don’t worry, this is normal and it will appear only for about 20 seconds.

no command

  • While pressing and holding the Power Button, press the Volume up key then release both.
  • Recovery Menu will now prompt.
  • Press the Volume keys to navigate and the Power button to select.
  • Navigate to Wipe Cache Partitions.
  • Once it finishes press the Power button to reboot the phone.

Once the phone is turned on the easy battery drain and slow charging on your Nexus 7 device should be fixed. If not just let me know by commenting below.

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