How To Fix Nexus 9 Dropping WiFi Issues

Nexus 9 the latest Google flagship tabled was released last month. From the first impressions it seems to be such a good tablet with good specs and a huge battery life which make this tablet the best of the moment.

As all other devices, even the Nexus 9 is having some problems. We know that nothing is perfect and all devices can experience problems. Google is involved in the world of tablet with the previous successor Nexus 7 which become very popular. After the Nexus 7, another tablet come in life, Nexus 9. Even this device is experiencing the same problem like Nexus 7.

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But since we expect you don’t have to worry. We have solutions for all your tech problems. Even in this case we have a solution ready for you to help to fix WiFi dropping issues on Nexus 9. Go ahead and read all the steps below and your Nexus 9 WiFi problems should be fixed.


  • Check date and time and make sure it’s correct.
  • Turn off NFC by going to Settings > More > Uncheck the box.
  • Turn the WiFi option on/off on Nexus 9 device.
  • Remove the back cover over device, sometime the antenna on the back cover is detached from the main points.
  • Restart your WiFi router.

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If none of this work you should turn in back to Google Store and ask for an replacement, or check what is wrong with your Nexus 9 device. Feel free to ask everything you might have problems. We will do the best to help you.

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