How To Fix “No APN Specified On Device” Issue

A huge number of Android user are complaining about a strange issue on their devices, mostly happens after an update. A pop up message will appear saying  “No APN specified on device” and you can’t send or receive multimedia message MMS.

If you are experiencing this issue it might be a big problem. Some users have reported different workaround solutions but not all might work. We have collected these fixes and created this guide to help you to fix “No APN specified on device” problem. Take a look to the solutions below because who knows something might work for you.

Note: Here at DoryLabs no one is responsible for the changes you made to your phone. These have worked for many people but this doesn’t mean they will work for you also. If you want to do this, do it at your own and don’t put the finger on me if anything goes wrong.

no APN specified on device fixes

How to fix “No APN Specified On Device”

  • Shut down your phone and then remove the Sim card. Turn on the phone. Turn it off again and put the Sim card back and then turn on your phone and hope it will reset the carrier settings.
  • Check the Access Point Name and make sure you have entered the correct APN of the carrier you are working.
  • Make sure your device is rooted and then go to Play Store. Search for Root Tweaker by broodplank and install it. Open the app and check the box next to CyanogenMod APNs list. Click “Tweak Now” and a new message advising it has been applied. Close the application and reboot your device. Then check your phone again if you could send or receive MMS.

If none of the above solutions doesn’t work for you then try the following:

  • Enable Airplane Mode.
  • Reboot your phone.
  • Go to Setting > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names 
  • Reset to default.
  • Disable Airplane Mode and check if the issue is fixed.

If these solutions were not helpful for you than consider doing a Factory Reset. It will reset everything back to default and your phone will be like new. After a Factory Reset you have to set up the phone from the beginning. Sometimes the APN will be set automatically but in other cases you have to configure them manually.


  1. Thank you! This worked:
    ◾Enable Airplane Mode.
    ◾Reboot your phone.
    ◾Go to Setting > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names
    ◾Reset to default.
    ◾Disable Airplane Mode and check if the issue is fixed.

  2. Simply, delete other unnecessary APN’s, Set default settings from drop menu, switch off your mobile phone, remove sim card, now insert sim card start your phone your problem is solved. if not then Mobilink User’s set APN Settings manually as:

    login name: mobilink
    password: mobilink
    authentication: normal/none
    port: 8080
    connection type: http

    And switch off mobile remove sim card and insert again, switch on mobile

  3. How does this work? If you enable airplane mode then restart phone the mobile network option in settings you cannot select as it’s unhighlighted due to airplane mode being on. So what do I do?

  4. Karen L Davidson

    Mine says no APN and that’s it. No … Menu or any ither options.

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