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How to Fix Overheating Problem On LG G3

Overaheating seems to be another LG G3 issue which are facing numerous of G3 owner. They have reported that sometimes the phone get really hot. This problem is linked to the big screen. It is designed to automatically reduce the brightnes when the screen becomes too warm, it happen only if you play a graphically intensive game for a long time.

Almsot all the phones get hot when used for extended periods but most of them go back on normal for a few minutes but this don’t happen with the LG G3. It stay worm even when you have closed that huge game or app which has caused the problem.

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The LG G3 main issue is that it gets hot very fast and need a lot of time to get cold again. It gets warm not only when you use a big graphically app but also when you use for simple things like watching a movie or using the camera for a long period of time. So before doing an action with you LG G3 that will make the battery get hot e sure to remove any case. It will help the phone to get cooler.


When your LG G3 becomes uncomfortable ang get really hot, try turning it of and remove the battery. Wait for a while until the phone it cools down and then insert the battery and turn on. The overheatin problem also damage the battery. 

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Sometimes the LG G3 device gets warm even when the screen is off. This is a serioud problem. You should take it to a specialized services or ask for a repleacement.

Also you can reduce the heating problem by reducing the battery drain on your device.

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