How To Fix Slow Text Message Issue On Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Slow Text Message is the latest issue reported by Galaxy S5 owners. They say that when you receive a text message on your Galaxy S5 it can takes more than 30 seconds to show up. The same thing happens when you type a message. The text will appear after 20 seconds or more you have typed it.

This is a serious problem for Galaxy S5 because it has good specs and a problem like this is no sense. It makes all people wonder how can Galaxy S5 experience like this. But since we love tech, we are here to provide useful solutions for your tech problems.

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Even in this case you are going to find potential solutions to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Slow Text Message bug. Let’s go ahead and to fix this annoying issue.

galaxy s5 text message

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Slow Text Message Problem:

Solution 1

  • On your Galaxy S5 go to Settings > Application Manager
  • Find keyboard app and clear the cache.
  • Find Message app and clear the cache.

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Solution 2

Try a third-party launcher on your Galaxy S5.

Go to Settings > Transition Effect > None. Then open Settings > Lock Screen > Unlock Effect and set it to none.

Sometimes using a live wallpaper can slow the process. So if you are using a live wallpaper try disabling it.

Turn off Background Syncing Settings > Accounts or going to individual apps.

Solution 3

Try using a third-party messaging app rather than the stock message app. A good solution is Go SMS Pro, and if you like to use a third-party keyboard to, SwiftKey keyboard is an awesome choice.

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