How To Install Multiple ROMs On Galaxy Note 4 (Dual Boot)

Today I’m going to share how to boot multiple ROMS on Galaxy Note 4. In fact we are going to learn how to dual boot ROMs on Galaxy Note 4 and switch between the installed ROMs.

Probably you may have heard about MultiROM. It is the easiest way to install more than a ROM on Android phones. Unfortunately it isn’t available for Note 4, but this is not a problem. Developers always try to find solutions and this time I have found a smart guide to dual boot ROMs on Galaxy Note 4.

At the XDA a developer named as aukhan created a tutorial to help all Galaxy Note 4 users to boot more than a ROM on their devices. In the guide below is explained how to install CyanogenMod 12 ROM besides the Stock TouchWiz ROM that is already installed on Note 4.

You can install any other ROM on you Galaxy Note 4. But make sure to have the proper files and take the same steps explained below for the CyanogenMod 12. All the procedure is the same, so if you want to dual boot ROMs on Galaxy Note 4 go ahead and follow the steps carefully.

Note: I shall not held any responsible for bricked device or any other problem that may occur to your Galaxy Note 4. Here at DoryLabs we only provide the guides but only you can decide if you want to go further. So of you want to try booting multiple ROMs to Galaxy Note 4 do at your own risk.


  • Root access.
  • Custom Recovery installed.
  • Always perform a backup before taking such actions. Even if something goes wrong you still can access your files and restore them immediately.


How to dual boot ROMs on Galaxy Note 4

  • Download all files from the above links.
  • Install Dual Boot Patcher on Galaxy Note 4.
  • Open the app and go to ROMs. It should say primary.
  • Click on three dots menu and click “Set Kernel”
  • In the drop down menu select “trlte Galaxy Note 4”.
  • Download CyanogenMod 12 and Lollipop Gapps and put somewhere on your phone internal memory.
  • Go to “Patch zip file” and choose CyanogenMod 12 ROM and then Gapps.
  • Move the patched ROM and Gapps to /patchmultiboot/dual
  • Now you have to download and install Dual Boot apk on you phone.
  • Move the patched ROM and Gapps to /patchmultiboot/dual
  • Launch the app and click on the ROM file and wait for the process to finish.
  • Once the process is finished the patched file should be moved from SDcard/Patchmultiboot/Dual to SDcard/Patchmultiboot/Patched_files.
  • Repeat the same steps with Gapps.
  • Next, turn off your phone and boot into a Custom Recovery.
  • Flash the patched files from SDcard/PatchMultiboot/Patched_files.
  • Your phone will boot into a new ROM.
  • Go to Dual Boot Patcher app and set the kernel for the second ROM.
  • To switch between ROMs, use Swap ROMs.
  • That’s all. To learn better how to dual boot ROMs on Galaxy Note 4 watch the video below.



  1. Great guide. Using my T-Mobile note 4, and the recovery freezes every time I flash the patched zip files. The linux molecule’s editor wrote a similar guide and I also took the advice of changing the build prop to solve this problem, but it still did not work. Is this happening to the T-Mobile variants?

  2. Nice! Thanks mate it worked for me on 910g, I’ve been searching for months for a multirom port or alternative for the note 4 , its the thing I missed most of my nexus 5 r.I.p. used dirty unicorns ROM as primary, then patched and flashed simplrom , both boot and run as normal, just one question, allot of different ROMs on the note 4 require certain bootloaders and modems flashed with Odin, is that still possible, or is there another method , can I patch the modem zip file like u did with gapps ?

    Rooted galaxy note 4 sm-n910f 5.0.1 with TWRP recovery
    TWRP will not flash anything I’ve treid. Downloaded 6 of the newest cyanogenmod roms
    The error is e. error executing updater binary in zip

    Second, Dual Boot will not recognize and therefore not finish patching roms patched with newer versions of dual boot patch. I had to go all the way back to an april version.
    Help please

  4. Will this work for the SM-N910C variant?

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