How To Remove a Flashed Mod On Android Devices

In Android world a Mod is refered to a zip file which is used to modify the system. Sometimes after flashing a mod things don’t go always well. In most of the cases we install mods to customize Android and make it better. There are several ways to modify the system like changing the apk file and coding but flashing a mod is the most easiest and fastest way. You just have to find the proper mod, boot into a Custom Recovery and then flash it.

Sometimes you may flash the wrong mod or it might not be compatible with all the systems. So after flashing it instead of making your device better, it cause problems. The easiest way to restore your device back to normal state is to restore the Nandroid backup. But what if you haven’t done a backup before flashing the mods? How to delete a mod from your Android device?

Personally I found a solution for this issue when I flashed a wrong mod in my smartphone. I didn’t want to flash a new firmware because I will lost everything so I searched for a way to do it without having to install a new ROM. The tutorial you are going to find below is very useful. You can easily remove a flashed mods if you follow carefully the steps below.

Android modsNote: This tutorial is tested in the major devices but it doesn’t mean it will work on all devices. It’s a generic tutorial and might not work on every situation. I found this tutorial useful but I shall not held any kind of responsibility if anything goes wrong with your device. If you want to undo a mod and remover it completely from your device, follow the step by step tutorial below but Remember: Do it at your own risk.


  1. The zip file of the ROM you are currently using.
  2. The zip file of the mod you flashed on your device.
  3. Any unzip software installed on your computer.

How To Delete Flashed Mods On Android

  • Find the Mod zip file and open it with the unzip software you have installed.
  • Check the files that are inside the mod and try to remember or make a note of them.
  • Open also the ROM zip file. It’s the flashable file.
  • Look in the ROM zip files for the same files that are in the mod file.
  • Copy the files from the Custom ROM and paste them into the Mod and replace the existing files.
  • Now put the Mod zip file in the SD Card of your phone.
  • Boot your phone into Recovery and flash the Mod.
  • Restart.

Now the mod that you have installed previously should be removed and your device is restored back to the normal state. This work in most of the cases but nothing is sure.

If you have any issue after trying to restore your device back to normal feel free to ask in the comment section below. It will be our pleasure to help you solve any problem with your device.

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