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How To Remove Call Log Limit On Sony Xperia Devices

Usually, Android devices have a call limit set to 500 calls. For most of the people, it’s enough but for you, me and many other it is not. We made some searches and found a way how to remove call limit on Xperia Devices. Why should such limit exist?

As I said for the majority of people the call limit set to 500 is not a problem at all. There are plenty of people that do not even come close to this limit and not exceed that. But for other such as me and you that make hundred of calls, this limit is a big problem. So, after fixing the issue for myself I decided to share it with you.

An XDA Senior Member named pollob666 created a step by step tutorial to show you how to remove call limit on Android devices. The process is quite simple and it requires the decompilation of framework.jar and some other small editing. It is tested on a couple of Xperia devices but not on every single of them so it might not work on all devices even though the developer says it should work fine.

This method was tested on various devices with either on Stock Android or Custom ROM. Anyhow if you want to give it a try do at your own risk. Even though it has been tested and work on many Xperia devices still this doesn’t mean it is 100% sure. It is always recommended to do a backup before trying to mess up with the software.



To learn how to remove Call Log limit on Xperia device, go to the official thread here.

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