How To Root ZTE Nubia Z7 The Fastest and Safest Method

In this article, we will share with you a quick and easy way to root ZTE Nubia Z7. This is a pretty good device so if you are running on a budget ZTE Nubia Z7 is worth the price. It has such good specs and if you root it, you will be able to customize the device more in depth and make it even faster.

Having an Android device without root access is for newbies. If you want to have full control over your phone, definitely you need to get root access. So in this guide, we will walk you through a step by step guide how you can root ZTE Nubia Z7. The procedure is quite simple and safe to do. Even if you haven’t rooted a device before you will find it easy to do because we have explained everything step by step.


Here at DoryLabs, we will not be responsible for any troubles you may encounter while trying to root ZTE Nubia Z7. Even though this process is tested before and it is considered as safe, it never knows what could happen. So if you made up your mind go ahead and root your phone. Remember that you’re doing this at your own risk and do not put the finger on anyone if things go wrong. Chances for this to happen are almost zero so just follow everything carefully.

root zte nubia z7

Early Preparations

Firstly you have to download the right files. From the links below download both Root + Recovery and Gapps and then move them to phone internal storage, somewhere you can easily find later.

  • Copy TowelRoot v3.apkSuperSU Pro to the root directory of SD card and insert it into the phone.

How to root ZTE Nubia Z7

  • Find the TowelRoot v3.apk you downloaded before and install it.
  • Once it is installed open it and click “make it rain”.
  • If the phone is rooted successfully it will automatically restart.

Install and run SuperSu Pro v2.0.0.apk from SD card.

ZTE Driver and Debugging Mode. Run ZTE_Handset_USB Driver.exe on your computer and then connect the phone to your computer through a USB cable. When the phone connects to the computer it will show a notification on notification bar telling that USB Debugging is connected.

Rayglobe Mini TWRP Recovery.

Run “run_permanente.bat” from extracted “Nubia+_mini_twrp_ver_2.rar”

Google App

Boot to Mini TWRP Recovery. To do this shut down the phone and then press Volume Up + the Power button and install “” from External SD. Wipe Dalvik Cache and the Reboot the System.

ROM Collections


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